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Demon's Souls

by rojovision

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Original Thread: Never played Demon's Souls? Me either.

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Demon's Souls is the first game in the Souls series. It was released for the Playstation 3 in 2009. If you're not familiar with FromSoftware's Soulsbornekiro games, they are generally third person fantasy action / adventure games that are defined by challenging, though typically fair, combat systems where death is only a few hits away at any given moment. Additionally the lore is usually deliberately vague in many places, leaving much up to player interpretation.

About the Playthrough
As far as I know Demon's Souls is the only FromSoftware Souls game that I haven't played. It's been in my backlog for quite a long time. I bought a fat PS3 awhile back so I could check it out, and am just getting to it now. I'm expecting the game to play a lot like Dark Souls since it came out in the same era, albeit a bit less refined. Since this is a blind playthrough I will probably make plenty of mistakes and miss some things hidden or otherwise.

I have done a small amount of research about the game. From this I learned that the Royalty class seems to be a great starting option because offensive magic is supposedly very useful in this game, and that class begins with an item that can regen magic. I'm not quite going to go that route, and am instead playing as the Magician class. Similar idea, but without the fancy starting gear and with different starting spells.

Abacus, the Magician

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The PS3 renders the game in glorious 720p at 30 FPS via HDMI.

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