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Original Thread: [VLP] Controllers Pre-Thrown for Your Convenience: Let's Play Demon's Souls


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Demon's Souls was a surprise-hit RPG of 2009, released in Japan and then the greater Asian market in February of that year. As word of mouth spread (and much of it through two excellent threads started by Policenaut in our very own forums), western demand for the game shot through the roof. At the time, however, there was yet no word on a western publisher, and so many a quick buck was made by importers and Ebay resellers bringing the ready-translated Hong Kong version of the game to our shores. I was one of the buyers.

So here we have the game, a now famously-difficult action RPG by From Software. The game is indeed hard, unforgiving, and at times cruel, but I personally never felt that the game was unfair-I know there are likely plenty out there who would disagree. You earn each death just as you earn each accomplishment, and your own experience level and skill with the game will take you much farther than the level of your character ever could. In other words, you can't simply grind your way to victory in Demon's Souls; either you become better as a player, or the game defeats you.

In this LP, you'll be watching the meat of the game, which is to say the five Archstone worlds and chunks of Nexus gameplay which have some significance. I'll be sparing you any grinding for upgrade materials, equipment swaps, and other yawn-inducing filler.

I heard Demon's Souls has a pretty unique incorporation of multiplayer. Will you be showing that?

Unfortunately, no. The wireless connection to the internet that my PS3 makes use of is tenuous at best, and Demon's Souls will dump you unceremoniously to the main menu the instant connectivity is lost-no save, no prompt to check your connection, just a dialog box that pops up saying "lol now u offline" and an OK button which takes you back to the title screen.

Those of you with compatible versions of Demon's Souls, feel free to put together Blue Phantom boss runs or record your Black Phantom invasions and I'll happily add them to a list of multiplayer videos in this OP. I only ask that, to prevent spoilers, you point out in your posting of the video if I haven't yet cleared the area featured in the video.

Is there even a plot beyond "go forth and kill ugly things?"

Indeed there is, though the game doesn't bludgeon you about the head and shoulders with it through endless dialogues and long expository cutscenes like in other JRPGs. The framework of the plot is given to you in an opening movie (which is little more than a series of stills) and the rest you fill in through inference and taking notice of small details in what you encounter. I might give some plot analysis here and there, though I'm sure there's plenty of story elements I've missed. Feel free to show your own take on what's presented.

Will you be showing the white and black World Tendency content?

Yes I will, though not until I've completely cleared that particular world (or up to 1-3 in the case of Boletarian Palace).

What about  Mephistopheles' "quests" ?

In the interest of showing as much as I can on a single playthrough, no. Also to do them I would have to grind black Personal Tendency, and that's pretty hard to do with no multiplayer.

Will you be doing the areas in a certain order?

With the exception of the very beginning and the very end, Demon's Souls does not have a strictly linear path of progression through the game. Throughout the thread you'll probably see myself and other Demon's Souls veterans using shorthand such as 1-1, 3-2, and so on.

The first number is the main "world" being referred to:
1 = Boletarian Palace
2 = Stonefang Tunnel
3 = Tower of Latria
4 = Shrine of Storms
5 = Valley of Defilement

The second number is the sub-area within that world, which are separated by Archstone points unlocked after killing a boss demon. So, for example, the first area of Boletarian Palace can be referred to as simply 1-1.

I've explained the numbering system to point out that, for example, Stonefang Tunnel is not the "second stage" of the game just because people use 2-* to refer to it. In fact, a smart player jumps around from world to world, finding equipment in some worlds which is beneficial in others. I'll be completing the game in this fashion. Video descriptions will be outlining the trips I take, so if you just want to watch straight-through boss runs, you'll be able to pick those out.

00: YouTube | - Introductory movie
01: YouTube | - Tutorial area
02: YouTube | - Boletarian Palace, Ramparts
03: YouTube | - Boletarian Palace, Ramparts, continued
04: YouTube | - Boletarian Palace, Ramparts boss fight, more exposition in the Nexus
05: YouTube | - Shrine of Storms, Exterior
06: YouTube | - Shrine of Storms, Exterior boss fight
07: YouTube | - Shrine of Storms, Catacombs
08: YouTube | - Shrine of Storms, Catacombs boss fight
09: YouTube | - Shrine of Storms Final boss fight, a little Stonefang Tunnel
10: YouTube | - Stonefang Tunnel, Mines
11: YouTube | - Shrine of Storms Pure White World Tendency
12: YouTube | - Stonefang Tunnel, Mines boss fight
13: YouTube | - Boletarian Palace Pure White World Tendency
14: YouTube | - Stonefang Tunnel, Caves
15: YouTube | - Stonefang Tunnel, Caves boss fight
16: YouTube | - Stonefang Tunnel Final boss fight, Boletarian Palace Bridge
17: YouTube | - Boletarian Palace, Bridge boss fight
18: YouTube | - Stonefang Tunnel Pure White World Tendency
19: YouTube | - Tower of Latria, Prison
20: YouTube | - Tower of Latria, Prison, continued
21: YouTube | - Tower of Latria, Limbo
22: YouTube | - Tower of Latria Prison boss fight, Spires
23: YouTube | - Tower of Latria, Spires, continued
24: YouTube | - Tower of Latria, Spires boss fight
25: YouTube | - Tower of Latria Final boss fight and pure white world tendency
26: YouTube | - Valley of Defilement Chasm boss fight
27: YouTube | - Valley of Defilement, Swamp
28: YouTube | - Valley of Defilement, Swamp, continued SCREAMER at 14:21
29: YouTube | - Valley of Defilement Swamp boss fight
30: YouTube | - Valley of Defilement Final boss fight and pure white world tendency
31: YouTube | - Boletarian Palace, Castle
32: YouTube | - Boletarian Palace Castle boss fight
33: YouTube | - Grind grind grind grind
34: YouTube | - Pure Black World Tendency, Part 1
35: YouTube | - Pure Black World Tendency, Part 2
36: YouTube | - Boletarian Palace, Keep
37: YouTube | - The End

Test-0, Being a Man of Gentle Breeding and Manner, Herein Engages the Dæmons in Honourable Fisticuffs for Your Delight and Wonderment
01: Things are punched (Viddler | WeGame)
02: Fisticuffs ensue (Viddler | WeGame)
03: Pugilism and its place in a fantasy setting (Viddler | WeGame)
Before 4: Giving Red a Black eye (WeGame only)
04: Things are punched 2: punch harder (Viddler | WeGame)
05: Aggression without weapons (Viddler | WeGame)
06: THE WALLOPING (Viddler | WeGame)
07: The King Hippo Strategy (Viddler | WeGame)
08: Flailings (Viddler | WeGame)
09: CHOO CHOO CHABOOGIE (Viddler | WeGame)
10: Punch Sideiron (Viddler | WeGame)
11: Fly Like a Butterfly (Viddler | WeGame)
12: Sting like a Bus (Viddler | WeGame)
13: WITH MY HANDS (Viddler | WeGame)
14: Knuckles of Unlocking (Viddler | WeGame)
Also 14: SPLORCH SPLORCH FIZZ FIZZ (Viddler | WeGame)
15: Nothing is Punched (Viddler | WeGame)
Before 16: Meat Chunks (Viddler | WeGame)
16 Part 1: Phantom Limb (Viddler | WeGame)
16 Part 2: Dat Ass (Viddler | WeGame)
16 Part 3: Bringing down the Fist (Viddler | WeGame)
A1: Sucker Punched (Viddler | WeGame)
17: Shadow Boxing (Viddler | WeGame)
18: Big McLargeHuge (Viddler | WeGame)
19: Helping Hand (Viddler | WeGame)
20: Hostile Takeover (Viddler | WeGame)
21: Nexus Tour HD (Viddler)
22: A Miner Threat (Youtube 1 2 | Viddler 1 2)
23: The Hand of God (Youtube Viddler)
24: The Scarecrow Brawl (Youtube)
25: Boiling Fists (Youtube)
Also 25: Knockback (Youtube)
Also Also 25: Red Alert (Youtube)
26: Fist Full of Silver (Youtube)
Also 26: Scraped Knuckles (Youtube)
Also Also 26: Bro Fist (Youtube)
Also Also Also 26: Royal Rumble (Youtube)
27: The Punchyfist Run (Youtube)
28: Of Demon's Souls (Youtube)
I'm holding out for a MONTAGE: (Youtube | Viddler)

WeaponBoy Exhibits the Inenviable Case of Finding Oneself in a New Game Plus, That You Might Better Develop an Appreciation for Its Curious and Rather Stern Nature
01: Youtube | Viddler
02: Youtube | Viddler
03: Youtube | Viddler
04: Youtube | Viddler
05: Youtube | Viddler
06: Youtube | Viddler
07: Youtube | Viddler
08: Youtube | Viddler
09: Youtube | Viddler
10: Youtube | Viddler
11: Youtube | Viddler
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