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Part 3: Let's play Eve of Destruction

Let's play Eve of Destruction

For the first real level, we've got the opening movie, a command briefing, and a long level briefing. Then a very short level. Gotta start somewhere.

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Let's meet the Apollo, Orion, and ML-16

Let's follow command's suggestion and look at these three tech files now.

The GTF Apollo is the basic fighter of the GTA. For a starting ship, it's pretty decent. It's average in every way, and is easy to use. Some people really seem to like this ship, and prefer it over some of the later models. Though this is understandable, since it isn't lacking in any major ways, it doesn't really excel either.

Some concept art:

Quick question: "What's 'GTF' mean?"
Quick answer: The GTA is the Galactic Terran Alliance. Their ships use suffixes to "GT" depending on their role. The "F" stands for Fighter. There's also GTD (Destroyer), GTC (Cruiser), and so on.

Next up, the Orion:

The ship we're serving on, the GTD Galatea is an Orion class destroyer. At this point, the Orions are the main capital ships in the GTA, and on the occasions when they play an active role in missions, you will see that they are positively enormous, and extremely durable. Their speed, as with all large ships however, leaves a lot to be desired.

And now the ML-16.

The ML-16 is a quite powerful weapon against the enemy ships we have at this point. Throughout the game, primary weapons are vital, and are never outclassed by extremely powerful missiles. The best thing about the ML-16, however, is that it has next to zero energy use - to the point where the game hasn't even had to explain energy management yet. (Oops, spoilers for the next training level!) Because of this, it can be fired constantly without worry. Despite this, it does become quickly replaced.

That's it for the first mission. The level to briefing ratio will start picking up soon. I'll be back with the next update soon.