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Part 4: Let's play The Field of Battle

Let's play The Field of Battle

Click the enemy who did me the most damage in this level to watch!

Or use the official Viddler player or the
backup on Dailymotion

Let's meet the Seth, the MX-50, ourselves, and the enemy.

Here's the ship that Ace was flying that gave me so much trouble.

Bested by a turtle. It's how thin the ship is that makes it hard. If you're at the wrong angle, it's near impossible to hit. He also had a bit more intelligent maneuvering than most of the enemies we're facing at this point.

Quick question part 2: "PVF?"
Quick answer part 2: The Vasudan government is the Parliamentary Vasudan Empire, PVE. Their military is the PVN, the N standing for Navy. Add the F for Fighter to either and you get PVF.

Here's the info on the MX-50.

"Exceedingly weak" is right.

Now a look at the sides in this war...

And that's why you don't have "Conversations" with aliens when you don't know what you're doing.

Lastly, here's the loading screen.

Next time, it's back to the training simulator for one last lesson.