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Part 6: Let's play Small Deadly Space

Let's play Small Deadly Space

Here's my plan for accomplishing more objectives than necessary. One of my favorite things about this game is how you can accomplish different levels of success, and it'll affect things very slightly - a changed line of dialogue, a ship having different health in the next level, etc. I think it's pretty clever that it isn't just a straight win/lose, but you can do some things wrong, get yelled at for it in debriefing, but still continue. So, I will first simply play as I play, and show that video. Then, if there's something I could have done better for a different result, I'll try to go back and show the difference. I'll do this as much as it takes to get all the medals, but anything beyond that I make no promises. I suck at escorting.

Wow, that's a lot of cargo. Don't you just want to click it?

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Let's meet cargo & friends

It's our good old friend, the basic cargo container.

And here's the one that had the weapons stuff in it.

Yet another.

Finally, it's those freighters we destroyed. This was the only level where we get to kill them. A shame...?

I'm sparing you even more cargo information, there's another 2-3 box types in the database already (it expands as you meet new ships).

I promise guys, the final boss is not a giant box of cargo. An actual story is on the horizon.