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Part 7: Let's play Avenging Angels

Let's play Avenging Angels

Don't you just want to make an example of this loser? Click on him with all your hate.

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Per request below, we're keeping track of our journeys now! May try to track other important ships too as they come up.

Let's meet the Valkyrie, Elysium, Fury, and Disruptor

First of all, here's what would have happened if we hadn't disabled the Rasputin:

No medal, but we still could have gone on with no real effect.

Here's our brand new ship, the Valkyrie.

This isn't really a very good mission to drop this ship onto a new player, because it's pretty much a face-to-face battle, and that's not the Valk's specialty. It can go way faster than the Apollo, and its maneuvering is better as well. It's best role is as a bomb interceptor, but we don't need one of those at this point.

As you could see during the video, different gun banks can fire very differently on some ships, just not on the Apollo. On the Valkyrie, bank 1 fires two shots wide apart, whereas bank 2's shots are very close together and centered, making them easier to aim.

The universal "you need to dock with something" ship:

And lastly, these two weapons that keep getting bumped from their turn in the spotlight.