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Part 18: Let's play La Ruota Della Fortuna

Let's play La Ruota Della Fortuna

More eyeball closeups!

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No changes on the map this level.

Let's meet the Medusa, Phoenix V, Tsunami, and Shivans

Today's new bomber, the Medusa:

It's a bit slower than the Athena, but still able to hold its own, especially given its high armor. This is helpful as you can see while I'm just sitting there waiting for a lock, getting shot and going largely unharmed. The trouble I have fighting in it is less due to its mobility, and more because it can't carry Interceptors or Furies.

The Phoenix V is much more powerful than the Interceptor, but like its description says, it is made for larger targets - bombers at a minimum. Its aspect lock is way too slow to hit a fighter except at long range.

The Tsunami is a bomb. You bomb things with it. Interesting how the description actually makes up a reason why you can fly very close to the explosion without dying.

And finally, now we can read about the Shivans.