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Part 24: Let's fail some more! Failure video part 2

Let's fail some more! Failure video part 2

Afraid to try for the next medal, I decided to fail at some more missions.

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This video covers everything since the last failure video, but quite a few of the missions don't show up in this one. Not present are:

The Darkness and the Light - Already failed enough in the real video.
The Aftermath - Even playing on insane, ordering out my wingmates, and doing nothing, my escort will not die. I can't kill them myself before turning myself hostile. This mission is impossible to lose, I guess.
La Ruota Della Fortuna - This one is a straight up kill everything mission; I can't think of any way to fail other than dying.
Where Eagles Dare - This is that one where you're supposed to stop the freighters from escaping. Problem is, they don't try to escape. Even just sitting there doing nothing, they just wait around, eventually being killed by asteroids.
Enter the Dragon - Already failed in the real video.