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Part 26: Let's play Doomsday

Let's play Doomsday

You may not see this part in the video, but I sure did.

Or use the official Viddler player or the
backup on Dailymotion.

Guess that medal is out the window. I really thought you could get them in the simulator - maybe just in FS2? We would have earned the Galatea Survivor medal:

If it isn't clear, you can't go back and play old levels again in campaign mode once you've accepted the debriefing.

Let's meet the Nephilim and Hermes

Today's bombers, who were not really firing many bombs. Take quite a while to take down.

Way too weak, but at least they can jump out quickly. On medium, they can take about 4 hits each, so it's basically luck if the enemy won't be deterred from attacking them, unless you're way better than me and can actually kill them before they close in.