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Part 37: Let's play Good Luck

Let's play Good Luck

It's time for the end.

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Let's meet... boxes.

Going out just like we started, it's the last unobserved cargo boxes.

And some boxes of another type, information boxes.

And lastly, a medal box.

The one missing medal is the Galatea escape pod one that I "earned" in the simulator but missed in the campaign. Final rank is Lt. Commander, and I got 2 out of 3 ace medals. You can kinda see the little colored dots on some medals, which show those were earned multiple times.

So that's it for FS1. The end meaning of the story, which they seem to make pretty clear in the cutscenes, is that the Shivans are a force of balance, who attack those races that become too powerful and begin taking over other worlds. It also seems to imply some religious meaning on them, a theme that, according to info from FS2's developers, was originally intended to play a larger part in the sequel, but doesn't end up really being there that much.

For the Humans, Earth is now totally cut off from the rest of the galaxy. FS2 will pick up this story a few decades down the road...

I hope you'll all join me for FS2!