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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 5: Level 04

Featured music - Level 4 and "Aircraft Carrier" from Gradius ReBirth Original Soundtrack by Konami

New levels? New robots!

The Lou Guard is the new red hulk, and just as annoying. But, it does not take as much damage as the red hulk could, so it can be taken care of far more quickly, which lessens the danger a bit.

While Descent 1 only had two boss robots throughout the entire game: the super hulk and uber hulk, Descent II has a boss robot awaiting you every fourth level, which turns out to be the last level of every mine (not counting secret levels). The first boss is commonly referred to as the Red Fatty. Like all boss robots, this robot is able to cloak and teleport at will to anywhere within the space that it can. The Red Fatty is not very threatening and only fires two homing missiles and one flash missile per volley. It's dangerous, but not terribly so. Hitting it with an energy weapon will cause it to generate new robots, so it is best to fire at it with the gauss cannon and missiles. It's best to visit the secret level by using the entrance in level 3 to stock up on mega missiles so that you can fight this robot and beat it in a matter of seconds.