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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 7: Secret Level 02

Featured music - "Title" and "Crawl" from the Descent II Redbook Soundtrack.

This is probably the most annoying secret level in the game. It's not hard, but the robots make it difficult to navigate and gather items. All of the robots here are camouflaged and lay proximity bombs. They can all open doors and every one of them drops a weapon or invulnerability charge of some kind. There are a few omega defense spawns, a robot we won't see again until the next world, Brimspark. These robots don't behave like their regular counterparts and instead fly around the mine at a very fast pace, but they are still just as explosive and explode with more deadly force than the thief-bot does and can knock you back a much greater distance. Sometimes, when they've taken just enough damage, they will sometimes collide with you and detonate, though the behavior is not a kamikaze attack.