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by Star Man

Part 13: Level 11

Featured music - "Haunted" from October Rust by Type O Negative and "Haunted (Instrumental Remix)" from the Descent II Redbook Soundtrack

I believe that this redbook soundtrack brought several people on to Type O Negative. I know it did for me, and I was nine.

The old band is more or less revived, so welcome back SeriousSirrus to the Descent II crew!

Bulk destroyers are on the annoying side, but they are absolutely nothing like their class 1 driller cousins. They are still aggressive and will chase after you, but they will not fire on you as much. Still treat with caution because they are armed with a gauss cannon. The nice thing is that sometimes they drop shields instead of vulcan ammo.

The mine's reactor room is a bit of a puzzle. Normally, when you enter it, a wall will appear behind you and prevent you from retreating the moment that three robot generators activate. The control panel inside will only reveal the reactor to you. In order to erase the wall, you must fly through the leftmost generator (assuming that the lava is below you). It is not unheard of to reach this room for the first time and have no idea how to escape, leaving you stuck with a bunch of very angry robots and immanent incineration.