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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 14: Level 12

Featured music - "Are You Descent?" from the Descent II Redbook Soundtrack and "A Fighter" and "Don't Leave Me Alone" from Gradius 2 MSX

This mine is huge.


Not much to talk about in this one. But it is the final mine of Brimspark, so that means it's time to fight a boss robot.

This is the first boss that is a very serious threat. I mused in the video that it might be immune to energy weapons, but it is not. It will still produce robots if it is hit with one. It is armed with mega missiles and phoenix cannons. This is the only robot in the game that will fire mega missiles at you, but they are easier to dodge than homing missiles because their rate of curvature is very low. The best way to dodge a mega missile is with a technique called a triple chord (trichording). It is possible to increase your velocity by holding down the keys or buttons for your afterburner and by sliding up or down and left or right. The speed you gain from trichodring will be greater than the speed of the afterburner alone and is enough speed to dodge a mega missile that is coming at you head on provided that you have enough distance.