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by Star Man

Part 16: Level 13

Featured music - "Robot Jungle" from the Descent II Redbook Soundtrack.

For today's update and the next two, we have traded SeriousSirrus and Elephantgun in for toddy. and Clark. Please give a round of applause.

This is the first of the ice-themed mines of Limefrost Spiral, which means everything is blue. Blue is a nice color. It's the best color.


This is the only new robot that is added to the gallery for the entirety of Limefrost Spiral. They fire more often than the fox robots do, but that's about it.

The most noteworthy item in this mine is the final addition to our collection of primary weapons, the omega cannon. The omega cannon comes with its own charge and then draws from the Pyro-GX's weapon energy to recharge, similarly to the afterburner. The omega cannon has very short range, but the bolt of energy that it fires will seek enemies within its range. It is a great weapon for dealing with nimble robots like ITDs, red hornets, and later spawn.

Getting the omega cannon in this mine is a whole 'nother story. For someone approaching it for the first time, they will see it behind a grate and shooting at the walls inside will not open a door. Inside of the tiny room is a control panel that is difficult to hit with guided missiles. I managed to do it without much trouble, but usually I use the phoenix cannon so that the reflected shots will hit it. The panel erases the wall that is obstructing the hidden door that can only be opened from the inside. The length of the path that you have to fly through to get from opening the door to the door itself might be just a little too long without flawless maneuvering, making this the first secret in the game that requires the use of markers to keep the doors open. I don't recommend getting the omega cannon in this mine and wait to get it in the next, where getting it is a much easier simpler affair.