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Part 31: Cheat Codes

Featured music - "Pinhead" from Leave Home by the Ramones, "Mirror of Madness" from Mirror of Madness by Norther, "Kill All the White People" from Bloody Kisses by Type O Negative, "Party Till You Puke" from I Get Wet by Andrew W.K., "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" from October Rust and "Angry Inch" from Life Is Killing Me by Stephen Trask as performed by Type O Negative, and "Somebody Put Something in My Drink" from You're Better Off Dead! by the Ramones as performed by Children of Bodom.

It's the fabled cheat code video. Recorded in March of 2013 during a freezing cold weekend and hot off the heels of a US Men's National Team victory against Costa Rica, UZworm and I recorded one drunken video for you all to enjoy. And here are the details...

Remember how the cheat codes from Doom worked in Doom II? The folks at Parallax Software thought that its audience would try to do the same thing by using the cheat codes from Descent 1 in the sequel. If you are playing the game in DOS and input any of the cheat codes from Descent 1, you will be set to one shield and one energy for trying to cheat. If you try to use any of the cheat codes from Descent II's demo version, the same thing will happen. Most cheat codes will reduce your score to zero and you will get a "CHEATER!" score every time you destroy a robot. Entering a cheat code a second time will deactivate it. And now, for some cheat codes:


ALIFALAFEL - grants all accessories (headlight, afterburner, etc.)
PIGFARMER - "HEY JOHN!" appears on the screen. If you reduce your window size, you will see what's going on. Entering it again causes the game to say "BYE JOHN!"


CURRYGOAT - all access keys.
EATANGELOS - homing weapons.
ERICAANNE - bouncing weapons.
JOSHUAAKIRA - full map.
MOTHERLODE - wowie zowie weapons!
WHAMMAZOOM - warp to any level.
ZINGERMANS - grants invulnerability.


ALMIGHTY - grants invulnerability.
DELSHIFTB - destroys the reactor, gives you all items in the mine, and places you at the exit. You can backtrack and find items in the mine.
DUDDABOO - bouncing weapons.
FOPKJEWA - destroys the reactor and places you at the exit. You do not get the items in the mine.
FRAMETIME - displays your framerate. This cheat code does not reduce your score to zero.
FREESPACE - warp to any level.
GODZILLA - there goes Tokyo! Ram the robots to destroy them!
GOWINGNUT - Guide-Bot gets angry! The Guide-Bot is renamed to its official nickname, Wingnut, and will fire smart and mega missiles at anything in its way, including you.
HELPVISHNU - spawns another Guide-Bot. You can do this multiple times.
HONESTBOB - wowie zowie weapons!
LPNLIZARD - homing weapons.
ORALGROOVE - all access keys.
ROCKRGRL - full map.
SPANIARD - destroys all robots in the mine. Entering this code a second time will destroy the Guide-Bot. Entering it a third time will destroy the reactor or boss robot.


BLUEORB - grants a shield power-up.
IMAGESPACE - the robots will not be able to shoot at you.
SILKWING - the robots will attack each other. Even the theif-bot fights!


WILDFIRE - rapid fire.