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Part 32: Vertigo 01

Featured music - "Cold Reality (Extended)" from the Descent II: the Infinite Abyss Redbook Soundtrack.

WE'RE BACK! And it's the original band for this video and for some of the upcoming videos.

The Vertigo Series is the expansion pack for Descent II. The expansion features 20 new levels, three secret levels, ten new robots, features old robots from Descent 1, and introduces flickering lights. Vertigo Series was releaased as a stand-alone product and came with a re-release of Descent II and featured extended mixes of the Descent II redbook soundtrack and a few new pieces. Vertigo Series was also included with Descent: the Definitive Collection, but is not included with the Descent 1 and II collection on

Vertigo Series takes place after the end of Descent II. A new mercenary is hired by Samuel Dravis of PTMC to destroy more infected mines. Supposedly, the expansion takes place during the same time that Descent 3 does. Vertigo Series does not have any FMV cutscenes and uses still shots and text like Descent 1's PC version did.

And of course, there's the new robots:

This robot is analogous to the medium lifter from Descent 1. It will try to sneak up on you and slash at you.

The fervid is similar to the PEST robot and is aggressive.