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by Star Man

Part 34: Vertigo 03

Featured music - "Gunner Down (Extended)" from the Descent II: the Infinite Abyss Redbook Soundtrack.

We have a special guest for you in today's video. Introducing...SCRUFFY!

Former squatmate and a dude I've known since 1995, he'll be with us for this video and many future videos. Please give him a warm welcome.

Now, it's time for the latest robot:

This robot is a redux of a Descent 1 robot. This one:

And because this is now Descent II, the class 2 heavy driller shares the same ability of the diamond claw where it will release homing plasma bolts when it is damaged by energy based weapons. Its behavior is just like its predecessor's and is very aggressive and its plasma cannon is very dangerous and fires rapidly.

Also making a reappearance in this mine is...

Medium hulks aren't quite as dangerous when compared to the seeker, but a concussion missile to the face still hurts a bit. Their invisible counterparts will show up later in the Vertigo Series, so be ready.