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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 41: Vertigo 09

Featured music - "Haunted (Per Version)" from Life Is Killing Me (Bonus CD) by Type O Negative and "Haunted (Instramental Remix)" from the Descent II: the Infinite Abyss Redbook Soundtrack.

I always wonder if my musical choices for these videos make sense to my viewers.

This mine is the first one that features probably the worst robot to have to fight on any difficulty harder than rookie.

This robot is a Frankensteined combination of the bulk destroyer, medium hulk, and boarshead. Armed with a gauss cannon and flash missiles, this robot will give you a really bad day if you're unprepared for it. It can't take much damage, but it will erase your shields very quickly if it can get the drop on you first. The robot is so aggressive that it will not stop shooting at you until you can get out of its sight, die, or destroy it. The difficulty of this robot compares to Descent 1's minibosses/purple hulks, although I would rather fight minibosses all day because they're slow, fire at a slow pace, and don't fit through doors. I don't like the sniper NG at all. The worst thing about it is that it only drops flash missiles when you blow it up.

I called this robot "sniper RN" in this video and the next because I couldn't remember the letters at the end of its name. I have no idea what they stand for. "Not Good", perhaps.