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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 42: Vertigo 10

Featured music - "Mark 1" from the Descent II: the Infinite Abyss Redbook Soundtrack.

Since this isn't Descent II vanilla, it's okay to introduce blue robots in lava mines:

I don't think Mr. Spock would approve. It's a robot that fires blue energy shots and releases plasma bomblets that will seek you out when you fire at it with energy-based weapons. I'm getting pretty tired of that trick.

The music for this video is the first of three new tracks made for Vertigo Series. Up until I got to this portion of the LP, all I knew was that those tracks were named "New Song #1" and so on, but it appears that they do have proper titles. I've seen two different titles from the same person. "Mark 1" comes from Interplay's website when Vertigo Series was still new. "Untitled" is called "Mark 2", but I'm sticking with the original name since the version in Vertigo Series is just an extended mix like the others are. The other suggestion was the level name that the track would play in if you were playing the music one track per level: Transmode Containment 2112. As you can tell from the YouTube link of the music I uploaded, it's very different compared to the other music. I like it and the next new track that will be coming up in the thirteenth Vertigo video. The third new track...not so much.