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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 45: Vertigo 12

Featured music - "Rusty" from the Descent II: the Infinite Abyss Redbook Soundtrack.

Alternating between lava mines and water mines is a sign of creative genius of the level designers. Sometimes they throw in a mine with a different texture set just to throw you off.

Not much in this 15 minutes of the Star Man and Co. Bullshit Power Hour. Just more insider jokes and referential humor that you'll never get and video two of four of my experiment to see if I'm funnier while on a good buzz.

This video features the last track of the Infinite Abyss redbook soundtrack. Rusty is also in the PSX port of Descent 1, and I don't like it. It fits in better with the Descent 1 soundtrack as a whole, but that doesn't mean I like it any better there.