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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 46: Vertigo 13

Featured music - "Discovering," "Das Bungalow," and "Patterns" from Movements by Solar Fields.

Lava world. Water world. Lava world. Water world. Lava world...

Don't worry, there are some mines with other texture sets coming eventually. This mine's not too bad. There's one chambre with the big staircase going in both directions complete with a soft strobe light that might get you at first because you can't figure out where the yellow key is, but it's not so bad. Orange fatties and E-bandits make their return for this mine, as is fitting. There is also a returning Descent 1 robot that we mostly saw a lot of in the molten subterranean of Mars:

I think I can just say that nearly all of the robots in both games are essentially the same as far as their attacks and weapons go. Melee attacks, some kind of weapon you can pick up in the game, or a combination of two is what they all are but in different bodies.