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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 47: Vertigo 14

Featured music - audio of plasma emissions from Uranus recorded by Voyager 2.

It is the end of my drunken commentary for this session and the last with Raldan, who explained to me that he gets quiet when he's buzzed while I get even more talkative (I'm actually pretty quiet in-person, as UZ can attest to). I actually did write Glazius a private message while recording commentary, but learned the next day that he is unavailable for co-hosting and that's the biggest bummer.

Not shown in this video is the vent that is right above the yellow door. Inside is a control panel that can be destroyed with a guided missile and it will erase the barrier that keeps you from flying through the water into the room where all of the hostages are. The control panel that I did shoot in one of the hostage cells will also remove that barrier. I chose not to do this so that the theif-bot wouldn't use it as a means to escape me.