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Part 54: Vertigo 20

Featured music - "Haunted (Instrumental Remix)", "Cold Reality", "Crush", and "Crawl" from the Descent II Redbook Soundtrack, "Elephant Gear" from Gradius V Soundtracks by Konami, "Ether in the Air" from the Descent Redbook Soundtrack, and "Haunted" from October Rust by Type O Negative.

The end.

Vertigo Research Station is the last mine of the Vertigo Series. Here we will find the same assortment of robots from the last mine and seekers and omega defense spawns that will pop out of robot generators. Unless you are playing on insane, you should clear every pass of the robot generators before moving on to fight the boss robot because the last thing you need your game to end on is a death before you reach the exit.

There are several hidden earthshaker missiles in this mine, so make sure to get them all, because you might need every one of them for the final fight against the boss.

This boss robot fights exactly like the final boss of vanilla Descent II. It can only be damaged by kinetic weapons and can only take damage in its green weak spot on its back. Shots fired by energy weapons will generate additional robots when they contact the boss. There isn't a safe room in the red room with a cache of weapons, so be ready for a fast-paced fight.

Once the mine is cleared, you will get these closing words:

And with that, the thread can finally conclude after two years of 55 sporadic updates. Make sure to watch the whole video for a special surprise.


Taoto - 10
Elephantgun - 21
UZworm - 37
SeriousSirrus - 4
toddy. - 10
Clark - 3
Scurvy Kip - 2
Xenoveritas - 2
Vicas - 2
Catsworth - 4

Major_JF - 3
Scruffy - 17
Cousin Joe - 3
Zeikier - 4
Raldan - 4
BFC - 2