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Part 3: Level 02 - Lunar Scilab

Level 02 - Lunar Scilab -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- "Virtual Tension" from the Descent Redbook Soundtrack and Level 2

Not much to report here as far as gameplay goes. We get proximity bombs, and those are pretty unfulfilling.

But, if you listen closely, you'll might find the game's music to sound a little different from what you're used to. The Mac and PSX versions of Descent feature a remastered soundtrack for a handful of the tracks from the game. If you'd like to hear us not speak, then feel free to download the source video and change between audio tracks. All of the videos feature this for your convenience, and videos that have the remastered track also have a track with the original MIDI music.'s a thing that I felt compelled to share. Surely someone out there will appreciate it.