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Part 5: Level 04 - Venus Atmospheric Lab

Level 04 - Venus Atmospheric Lab -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- Level 4

I apologize for nothing regarding the opening statements of this video

And, um, say hello to Medium Lifters. They're here to scratch our eyes out and hiss at us. This is also my favorite piece of MIDI music that the game has.

Speaking of Medium Lifters, you will see me shoot at a few that you couldn't see. Some of them are cloaked, bringing a great amount of agony with them. Their cry is different than the Lifters that aren't invisible, so you can tell if there's one around. They are not completely transparent and are colored with a translucent grey. They really stand out against strong light sources, against bright backgrounds, or in well lit rooms. They yield more points when destroyed and often drop cloaking devises. These are not the only robots to have a cloaked version.