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Part 8: Level 07 - Mercury Core

Level 07 - Mercury Core -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- "Not That Button!" from the Descent Redbook Soundtrack and Level 7

This is the final level of the shareware version, but isn't as tough as the last one was.

So you're moseying along, picking up keys and weapons and hostages and killing shit, and then you get to the red door. Once inside, you hear this noise. It doesn't sound like any of the robots you've encountered before. Inside the room, you notice that it's fucking huge, and you start to look for the reactor. But instead of finding the reactor, you find this guy:

It's the Super Hulk! Joined by a collection of Red Hulks and Drillers, this robot is the largest and toughest you've come across. It fires "mega-smart" missiles and do they hurt. These missiles deal more damage than what the smart missile would deal and it releases more children than regular smart missiles do. The Super Hulk is also able to cloak and it teleports around the room in order to move itself. If you're too frightened to fight this thing and try to flee, you will find out that the red door locks itself on you, trapping you inside. Going into this fight with an invulnerabliity charge on is very useful, and being cloaked gives you time to waste the other robots hanging around and lets you avoid the smart missile bomblets. Back in version 1.0, if you played on Ace or Insane, the Super Hulk was so powerful that it would resist all damage dealt to it, making it indestructible. The Super Hulk itself replaces the reactor, and destroying it will activate the countdown.

For those of you who never played the shareware version, Dravis would get into contact with you and the following messages would appear:

Until next time, we'll see you on Mars.