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Part 9: Level 08 - Mars Processing Station

Level 08 - Mars Processing Station -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- Level 8

We're back and now into the territory of the retail version of the game. For the longest time, I was never able to see this part of the game and my only means to was through the Playstation version until I finally went out and got the PC version on eBay. So let the good times roll.

And now, we bring you the new robots!

Secondary Lifters will never attempt to swing at you, which I find a little disappointing. They are stronger than either of the Drones and are never alone.

Supervisors are a rare sight. All they do is distract you from robots that are attacking you and alert any robots nearby that you are around. They usually drop a pile of useful power-ups when destroyed, but they can release other robots too just like the Spider does. Usually those robots are very dangerous types, so be ready for a fight.

The Advanced Lifter is the Medium Lifter's silent cousin. If you are playing with the game music turned on, you will probably never hear them approach you. Their hiss is much softer than the Medium Lifter's and there will not be a slicing noise when one swings at you.