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Part 15: Level 13 - Europa Mining Colony

Level 13 - Europa Mining Colony -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- Level 13

Do you need a laugh track for your LP? I'm available most nights to laugh at your awful jokes and even at my own.

Many robots from earlier levels reappear again on Europa, in case you actually missed them. I don't mind fighting Medium Lifters again. The mine is still filled with hulks of all kinds, though. But we do have a new robot:

We saw the PTMC Defense Prototype in Secret Level 1, but this is its first appearance in the main game. These guys are souped-up Small Hulks and are much more aggressive and fire in larger bursts. They will drop Quad Laser power-ups if you are not already equipped with one. There are only a few flying around on Europa, but expect to see many more in later levels.