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Part 19: Level 17 - Tethys H²O Mine

Level 17 - Tethys H²O Mine -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- Level 17

Holy shit, it's the Internet.

The last mine in the Saturn group is rather tame compared to the one before it. Not nearly as many red hulks are lurking. I skipped the rooms with the heavy driller generators because there's nothing in there but the grim realization that you need to get the blue key from another route and a deadly generator surprise. We are greeted with one last robot briefing:

Gophers are more of an obstacle rather than an enemy. They will drop proximity bombs all over the mine, hindering your movement. They are still dangerous because the bombs they drop have such a large blast radius. Thankfully they don't drop proximity bomb pickups when they die, because they would always go to waste.