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Part 31: Level 27 - Charon Volatile Mine

Level 27 - Charon Volatile Mine -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured Music -- "A Big Problem" from the Descent Redbook Soundtrack, "Are You Descent? (Extended)" from Descent II: The Vertigo Series, "Elephant Gear" from Gradius V Soundtracks by Konami, "Ether in the Air" from the Descent Redbook Soundtrack, End Game, and Credits

The final mine in Descent is short, but is populated by the strongest enemies in the game. The weakest enemy found outside of the red door are a few Secondary Lifters, followed by Class 1 Drillers and Heavy Drillers. Two wings of the mine contain Minibosses and several green Class 2 Platform robots hide behind the corners. There are no hostages in this mine, and all three access keys are visible from one room.

Just like level 7, instead of a reactor being inside the red door, a boss robot acts as the reactor instead--the Uber Hulk.

The Uber Hulk is the only enemy in the game armed with Mega Missiles and it can spontaneously spawn any robot in the game except for the Super Hulk. Invulnerability charges are necessary to fight the Uber Hulk head on, and there are three charges inside the red door and many more inside the yellow door. The fight is much easier than the Super Hulk because of the abundance of Invulnerability charges and because the Uber Hulk will never leave the four chambers that it teleports into. But all it takes is a single Mega Missile and the army of robots that it produces to destroy you if you are not invulnerable.

And this concludes our Let's Play of Descent. In the eight months that this LP has taken, we have traveled at least six billion kilometers to purge the Post-Terran Mineral Corporation's infected mines throughout the solar system, but there is more to come.