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Part 6: Chapter VI: Perpetual Blitzkrieg

Chapter VI: Perpetual Blitzkrieg

No gates, no nothing, just an "n" shaped journey to the next town.

In which Lu Bu, a sub-par tactician, and a commander mook are guarding, sigh.~

"Why do you keep hounding me. I'll teach you to regret it."

While Cai Yong has 380 soldiers, and rather high INT, this fight will be trivialized real soon.

And Hu Zhen, ha ha ha, Hu Zhen.

C'mere kitty.

"Is that the Gemsword? I would give much for that sword... You're giving it to me? You are too kind. With Dong Zhuo I had almost forgotten the meaning of kindness. How about letting me join your side?"

Poor, poor Lu Bu, he thinks we're doing this out of kindness, must be why his INT is so low.

He actually serves right away by removing himself from this battle, making it a simple "kill Cai Yong, and then laugh hysterically at Hu Zhen's desperate attacks."

"By the way, if you go 8 yards west and 1 yard south, you can find my horse, Chi Tu Ma. If you like, you can have him."

While that's all fine and dandy, eight yards west, and one south from where?

But who cares about them? Let's go recruit commanders who gave up on Dong Zhuo!

Woo, five more INT than Huo Hu, this is exciting!

Well.. until Li Ru joins shortly after, making tactics just that more assholish.


I guess this is why he was just sort of sitting in his parking lot halfway around China.

Well, isn't this just the greatest, most ironic thing ever?
Plot spoiler: After Lu Bu dies, Guan Yu ends up getting Red Hare.

While Red Hare cannot be equipped directly, just having him in anyone's inventory provides an AGL boost for them. For sake of canon and effectiveness, it goes to Guan Yu so he can burn things faster.

That's all I needed to backtrack for, this game isn't one for backtracking.

"This is Yangzhou Castle, built on the highest hill in the region. We can see Luoyang and Chang'an from here."

"I heard the Emperor is in the castle dungeon. Please rescue him."

"Next we must go to Chang'an. The rebellious Dong Zhuo is there."

"Dong Zhuo must be stopped before he causes any more mischief."

mis·chief [mis-chif]
conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance

Well, well, well, what do we have here? (The door is completely unlocked by the way)

"Oh, Lu Bu. I'm Cao Cao. My men and I chased Dong Zhuo, but we were caught in an ambush and barely escaped with our lives. I'm sorry. I'll see to the Emperor. If you want to chase Dong Zhuo, he ran away toward Chang'an."

"I'll go back to Luoyang with Cao Cao to rebuild the capital. I love Luoyang very much."

With Yangzhou now on the list, it's time to buy some Gullwings. Gullwings work much like Dragon Warrior's Wyvern Wings, meaning you can use them to warp back to major cities to rest, change parties, shop or whatever non-storyline objective you set out to do. Currently, Xuzhou and Yangzhou are the only two cities on the list.

With that, let us proceed with the game by going directly into the cave south of Yangzhou.

In this cave, they try to confuse the player by throwing stairs left right and centre.

But in the end, they all lead to the basement, which is pretty much interconnected.

Apparently, bludgeoning someone to death is more effective than bludgeoning them to death with a sharpened end, so the Club is ironically stronger than the Ax.

Dungeons all share the same pallets and are usually not exciting at all.

Battles on the other hand:

"Take them out now before they are ready."

Uh, that's my line.

We're also near a river, so we can use water tactics to wreck things up real fast.

"Lu Bu, do you think you can occupy Chang'an with such a small detachment? I laugh at your folly."

Granted, he has a dickish tactician, Zhang Ji is your laughable commander, and Dong Zhuo is good as ocean food for Guan Yu.

He tries to get ugly right off the bat, but Lu Bu and co make short work of him.

By the time he finally dies, Guan Yu has drowned 9/10's of the enemies, so it's all-out from there.

"We killed Dong Zhuo. Now peace will return to Chang'an."

What's going to go horribly wrong that we have to continue seizing China? Read on.

Extra: How Dong Zhuo actually died- Dong Zhuo was taking asses by the thousands, thanks to Lu Bu, and as Cao Cao and Yuan Shao find out, you can't beat Dong Zhuo while he has Lu Bu. Lu Bu will shank you before you even get to say "holy bodhi tree". A minister named Wang Yun planned on driving the two apart by secretly offering his hot [adopted] daughter, Diaochan to the two men.

So Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo are totally in love with Diaochan, right? One day, Lu Bu was hitting on her in the garden, and Dong Zhuo sees this and gets very angry with him, as both do not know that she is married to both of them. Tensions rise between the two in the subsequent days, until Wang Yun reveals his plot to Lu Bu, and he's totally for it, because he don't share his woman with no one!

Later on, Dong Zhuo attempts to usurp the throne by declaring himself Emperor, but while he is on the podium, a bunch of people (Lu Bu included) come in and start stabbing him and he dies Julius Caesar style. They say the smell of his fat burning was smelt amongst all the citizens of Chang'an, just throwing that out there.

Some of Dong Zhuo followers raise a rebellion after this, which meets with initial success, but then they die from a failed military campaign shortly after, but that's not in this game.