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Part 9: Chapter IX: The Revenge Campaign Co-Led By the Guy Who Died

Chapter IX: The Revenge Campaign Co-Led By the Guy Who Died

"I am Xu Shou. Let's fight."

This is exactly like the other warlord battle if you don't see where this is going.

I suppose they have a few more soldiers, and down a Rebel, but in the end, it's exactly the same.

On a~ 2/5 chance, tacticians will attack, which is usually nothing short of hilarious, and tenfold less annoying than them using tactics.

Fortunately, Zhang Fei's mighty trident makes short work of him before he does any serious damage.

I may or may not like where this is going..

"I don't know you but please help me. You need a silver key to unlock the gate."

As in any silver key in existence, such as the one we bummed off that guy in Nanyang!

"Oh thank you. If you meet Zhou Yun in Guanzong Castle, give him this letter so he knows I am safe."
Liu Feng took the letter.

Continuing north-east without a single branch to hinder us:

"Oh, I'm too good initiate battle with them for stepping on the city tile, so I'll just stand here and give them mean looks."

"Liu Feng. I don't want to have to fight you. Please leave at once."

Kind of a dick move to be expected to talk to an obscure NPC in a large city for a key item, but here we are.

"A letter from my sister? She is really free? Now I shall make Yuan Shao regret the day he was born! I wish to defect. Agreed?"

Oh hellz yeah!

"We will serve you faithfully."

Meet one of our best friends that will be on the team until the credits roll. With him joining, Guan Yu is taken off tactician duty, and the party can burn any mook without having to risk missing. He's also a tiger general, can fight well, and has a badass ponytail and handsome smile that the Romance of the Three Kingdoms III (The ones I've been using for my character dialogue) portrait does no justice for him.

However, he wasn't the sole guard of the castle, as going north triggers a warlord battle.

"Where's my enemy?"

Not again...

This time around, while they all have tactical ability, our new tactician can still hit them with pretty good odds, and anyone who doesn't get hit still has to face Zhang Fei.

Guan Yu is on part time physical attacking and full time heal duty now.

By now the enemies begin to use tactics for other reasons than attacking, which can no doubt become quite annoying at times.

Overall, this is a nice battle, not as easy as the last few gate battles, but not too difficult.

After their inevitable defeat, we raid the town!

"Don't kill me!"

"Die you dogs of Yuan Shao. Oh, you are with Liu Bei? Sorry."

This game* has a strange habit of shoving items down wells from time to time. Here, we find a weapon that will be available in the next town, saving us a handsome bit of gold.

*Story for that matter.

"It still has Yuan Shao's stench about it. I bet he still has spies sulking about somewhere."

The guy just south of the well:

"Zhao Yun! Have you set your life in order? You will go to meet them now."

This looks like a challenging figh-


"You are too strong. I'll come back and kill you later."

Pictured: Yuan Shang going for gold in the Olympics by showing off his amazing gymnastics, leaping over a bush and a city wall.

In the book, Liu Bei does all this alongside Cao Cao, but oh well, Zhao Yun is more exciting them both of them.

"Prepare to fight Ma Yan."

But Zhang Fei will have none of that and proceeds to open the battle with a critical, neutering Lu Xiang on the spot.

But other than that, it's a typical gate battle, and things end quickly.

"Prepare to die!"

Prepare this, prepare that, how about you prepare your anus for Zhang Fei's trident?

This is an even easier battle, as they both can be spammed with fire tactics.

And Zhang Fei can stab Guo Tu to get his numbers down.

"Aren't you Zhao Yun of Liu Bei's army? You killed my brother, Yuan Shu. I'll take payment in your blood."

Aaaand to the second of the battle roster, we have a ghost of Yuan Shu! If you kill him in Nanyang, he doesn't appear in this battle, but I like it better this way, it's more amusing and plotholetastic.

Also, meet Zhang He, he majored in being an asshole in university, and not only graduated with honours, but went for his PHd. He functions like a Red Mage on steroids, having the ability to give bitches stitches with his STR, and set off some pretty nasty tactics. And also:


He's quite... fabulous if you get my riff.

He looks bad, but with the amount of shear assery in this fight, he can damn well wait to be killed.

Lu Bu's a prick too, and he needs to die before anyone even touches Zhang He, or Yuan Shao who both need to be dealt with as soon as Lu Bu is out of the picture.

(I forgot to take a picture of Yuan Shao's stats, so here they are: STR: 170 INT: 150 SOLDIER: 1754)

While he does know hit all tactics, they are rather inaccurate when not aimed at Zhang Fei, and can safely be ignored until Lu Bu and Yuan Shao are dealt with.

That being said, fire tactics should only be used sparingly, as Guan Yu has to heal all the dickery Lu Bu inflicts, while Zhao Yun should be making the best use of his STR values to stab people.

NOW we killed your brother!

Fortunately by then, the worst is over, and we can safely go to war with them while they do minute damage in juxtaposition to what they were doing.

"You have Yuan Shao's head. All of Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu's egomaniacal plans have been undone. Peace settles over the land."

But not really, because Jingzhou, right?

Will Jingzhou be as much of a pain as it was in the book? Read on.