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Part 14: Chapter XIII: Bam! Generation Two Outta Nowhere!

(Delayed because I was NOT writing mid-terms, but playing Fire Emblem Awakening this whole time, right?)

Chapter XIII: Bam! Generation Two Outta Nowhere!

I apologize for all text, no picture, this is a plot-riffic part of the game, and I of course try my hardest to add in the missing plot as well.

"Liu Bei of Shu has become nearly as powerful as Cao Cao of Wei and Sun Ce of Wu. It warms my heart to see.

"To ease the people of Shu, ask Liu Bei to come live in Chengdu Castle."

"The stars show no clear enemy yet still chaos threatens this temporary calm. Be ever alert for unrest."

"It is said that Cao Cao has taken ill. There is disquiet in Wei."

Shops begin to sell these, which are nice, but if you've been following along, a weapon upgrade in the form of swords of some sort is bound to occur sometime soon..

However, what good are weapons in a time of peace? Let's invite Liu Bei to gossip and ruin the peace!

"Guan Yu and Zhang Fei! You have defeated the traitorous Liu Zhang and redeemed my family's honour. An old swordsmith is coming. He's been looking for you. He was saying something about some swords."

On our journey there, we recruit Tao Qian for shits and giggles.

And around this point of the game, the soldier increase multiplier goes off the chart.

This is a tactic that only Zhuge Liang can learn while gaining level 28 and he's the tactician. It also happens to be the best healing tactic in the game, and is cheaper to use than Wan Fu (Wan Fu requires 10 TP to heal one member, while this only requires 4 TP and heals everyone), and the party can only use if it Zhuge Liang is the leading tactician, which is pretty much reason enough to use him as the tactician, Tiger General or not.

There are other tactics the party can learn by having specific party members lead as tactician, such as grinding at the beginning of the game until level 12 with Liu Bei leading, the party can learn Fu Bing, a supporting tactic which lets a character attack twice. Another more popular one is letting Pang Tong be the tactician while you gain level 27, and you'll learn Ana Sha, a tactic which has the chance of instantly killing other non big boss enemies. However I learned neither this run.

Swords~ Swords~

"Please forgive me! I made five beautiful swords from the ore you brought me and named them Bo Ye, Nu Long, Qing Long, Qing Guang and Wan Sheng. But a band of those Yellow Scarves came and stole them. There was nothing I could do."

Oh for-
Then again, by this point Zhao Yun, who is like the greatest babysitter in history should be dual wielding the strongest swords in China that he stole from Cao Cao who mortally wounded one of Liu Bei's wives, and just about killed his first child, who isn't talked about in this game. Yeah, by this point, the three brothers are old and are well into their 40's, which is pretty old in the 200 AD's.

Welp, nothing else to do, might as well bitch to Liu Bei like we always do when there is nothing to do.

"There will be peace in Jingzhou and Shu. Cao Cao supports the Emperor in Wei, Sun Ce is ruling Wu and I must rule Shu. We must maintain the balance of power to preserve peace. This country is far too vast for me to control alone. Therefore, I charge you, Guan Yu, with the administration of Changsha Castle, and you, Zhang Fei, with Guiyang Castle. It is the only way to insure peace in Jingzhou."


"Jingzhou is an important region for Shu. We must insure its stability.

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei left for Jingzhou.

[A messenger appears]

"Cao Cao of Wei took ill and died. Sun Ce of Wu was assassinated."

"This is terrible news. Two peaceful rulers dead at the same time. This will surely cause unrest."

[A second messenger appears]

"Wu's army is attacking. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are barely holding their own. If they don't get reinforcements soon, they will surely fall.

"As you heard, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, my oath brother are under attack. Go to Jingzhou at once."

The long, winded path sucks without Zhang Fei to curb-stomp everything, so we teleport.

-Meanwhile, in Guiyang-
(You're actually supposed to walk to Lingling, then go to Guiyang so excuse the plot mash up, but but walking sucks, and you can teleport to Guiyang)

"Pang Tong, you have my thanks. A little longer and this castle would have belonged to Wu. It has come time for my son to join the cause. I hope you will take him with you."

Like I said, the plot for awhile is going to be a bit asdf because we didn't charge Lingling first. Also surprise! Like the book, babies, women and offspring pop out of nowhere!

"I'm Zhang Bao. My father sent me to join the active fighting."


"We will serve you faithfully."

(Not to be confused by Zhang Bao of the Yellow Scarves)

While he did not directly inherit his dad's STR directly, losing out about 15 STR, he makes up for it by being smarter. With all that, he'll still be our prime attacker, as his soldier growth is the highest out of everyone.

"It's hard to believe but I heard that Sun Quan of Wu managed to get the Imperial Seal and calls himself the Emperor. But there's more. Cao Pi, eldest son of Cao Cao, has usurped the throne and calls himself the Emperor, too. Liu Bei wants to meet with you at Chengdu Castle as soon as possible.

(Liu Bei can wait, Guan Yu has children to relinquish to us after he makes his awkward, out of place speech that he stole from Zhang Fei because we teleported like pansies!)

"Zhang Bao, you have my thanks. A little longer and this castle would have belonged to Wu. It has come time for my son to join the cause. I hope you will take him with you."

"I'm Guan Xing. My father sent me to join the active fighting."


"We will serve you faithfully."

While his stats fall even more compared to Zhang Bao, soldiers are going to be what matter in time, and he has them. I also thoroughly enjoy his tough guy, sassy look, so welcome aboard! The good side is that like their fathers, both are tiger generals.

"Zhang Fei has some information about Wu."

Oh.. well, thanks for the heads up on Zhang Fei anyway! (We already talked to him)

I should shamefully admit, skipping Lingling was all apart of the master plan, because fighting without two tigers in the part sort of sucks.

"Take them out before they are ready."

This could be seen as the bridge point between where the game decides to do a sharp difficulty spike, as the enemies no longer (usually) are idiots. While they still get the shit Da Re'd out of them in this fight, as there are only two of them, I guarantee the south land will become very interesting.. until we get this awesome, game neutering tactic.

"You may have recaptured this castle but the final victory will be Wu's."

"Aaagh! Wu soldiers killed my friend."

Naw, their invasion was so underwhelming that he simply just fell asleep out of boredom. Once again, Liu Bei's going to have to wait, there is a grand total of one more city that fell into the enemy's hands.

"Where's my enemy?"

Okay, battles sometimes house idiots, just to put things into contrast, Chi Xin is the weakest healing spell, and Ye Huo is two tiers below Da Re, and Chen Wu is supposed to be the tactics user of that fight. Although this fight mainly serves as plot, because:

"Tell Liu Bei that Wei has an alliance with Wu."

Cao Cao taught his kids to be a dick in his place, in which Cao Pi clearly got the message the best. There is no alliance in the book, as why the hell would Cao Pi join Sun Quan if he is calling himself Emperor, when Cao Pi is the Emperor? But we need to antagonize everyone, because Liu Bei is obviously the good guy.

Anti-social prick!

-Back at Riverlands-

"According to our intelligence, Sun Ce of Wu and Cao Pi of Wei both claim the title of Emperor. The fact that they expelled the Emperor means the collapse of the Han Dynasty."

"My lord you have a decision to make. Cao Pi has usurped the throne and made himself Emperor. You have more right to that title than he."

"I don't want to hear about it."

"But you are of the line of the Han Dynasty. You should take the throne."

"Shut up!* Do you want me to go down in history as a traitor, a usurper?!"

*I take great pleasure in interpreting this line like as a sassy kind of "shut up". You know, the kind a high school girl says to her best friend over a long telephone conversations?

"Our lord is different from Cao Pi and Sun Quan. Cao Pi must be defeated. If we do nothing, that means we accept the rule of Cao Pi and Sun Quan. Our effort to prevent the rebels from seizing the throne will be in vain."

"Now I see I have been worrying about trivial things. It is my duty to the people to stop those pretenders and declare myself Emperor."

"In this way Liu Bei declared his right to succeed to the throne in front of civil officers."

"Zhang Bao. We must send an army against Wu and Wei at once!"

Zhang Fei also decides to build a bridge to the south land because he's a nice guy like that. I will also cut this update short, as there is quite a bit of text and back story to get out.

Thus the Three Kingdoms. And the story of the war between them? Read on.

Major, major book spoilers: How Gen 2 actually comes into being is with Guan Yu actually dying protecting Jingzhou, and Zhang Fei gets really boozy to escape the reality of his dead brother and he beats his troops in drunken rage. Eventually his troops assassinate him and defect to the south land. Liu Bei dies of grief once hearing of the death of his two brothers, thus tragically completing the oath of the three dying together, leaving Kongming and the kids to do everything.

Bonus history!

The Sun's need more love, to start, they have no biological relation [?] to the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, or the south land would clearly win forever and ever. After Dong Zhuo was killed, all the powerful warlords begin to fight for the Jing district, and in a skirmish, Sun Jian is killed in an ambush. His eldest son, Sun Ce breaks away from Yuan Shu, and goes to the south land, and creates a kingdom there, but is assassinated by hunters with poison arrows sometime shortly after doing that, leaving his younger brother, Sun Quan to take the rein of the south land, which is where we are right now.

From here, we turn to Jingzhou, where in the game, four rather faceless lords were fighting for it. In reality, Cao Cao and Yuan Shu, and even Lu Bu were fighting for it. At this time, Liu Bei goes to war with the three, as he owed the governor of Jingzhou and his clansmen, Liu Biao big time for letting him hide in Jingzhou from Lu Bu, who took Xuzhou from Liu Bei, and divided the three brothers up. Cao Cao kills Lu Bu at this time, and when the dust settles, Liu Biao dies of sickness, leaving his heir behind, who quickly hands the land over to Liu Bei, pissing the south land off profoundly, because they totally want Jingzhou. As the story progresses, the south land never really give up on Jingzhou, and keep attacking it, as seen in the game. I'll be sure to add more stuff as the game progresses.

Not included in this game is Cao Cao apparently sending a million troops to take Jingzhou, Liu Bei teams up with the south land to beat him, and Zhuge Liang uses his 255 INT to wipe out the apparent 1,000,000 troops in a very famous naval battle called "The Battle of Red Cliffs", where he burns all the enemy ships with fire and magical wind. Cao Cao does not die in this battle, as Guan Yu lets him go when he is retreating, because Cao Cao was nice to him when he rescued him from Lu Bu (Cao Cao is the one who gave Lord Guan Red Hare after Lu Bu dies).