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Part 17: Chapter XVI: The Big Day

Chapter XVI: The Big Day

"To the battlefield! Destroy Liu Bei's Army!"

Capcom's way of congratulating you for trekking through the mountain and fighting two warlords.

We're also getting to the point where if they don't use tactics, they're jokes, high STR, A.P, soldier count or not.

"Prepare to fight Sun Yu."

Who has green hair and purple eyes.

But he doesn't matter, because Ce Mian, right?

(Zhu Zhi- 210 STR, 95 INT and 10261 soldiers)

Also, the water tactic evolved as well, but it's even more expensive than Huo Shen, demanding 15 TP, where Huo Shen is 12 TP. While both are expensive and most definitely won't be spammed, I like Huo Shen more, as it's reliable, kills the Rebel Forces in one hit (the reason why I use hit all tactics in the first place), and can be used anywhere, where Shui Long can only be used near bodies of water.

Which is fine, seeing as Zhang Hong decides to die right after.

Well howdy there, handsome.

"You've had enough warning. Now I'll teach you the sharpness of my sword!"

Technically, you'll show us the sharpness of your mind, as your STR values point towards anything but "sharp". As usual, the minute you see "Ji Mian" mixed with "Wan Fu", it's time to pull out the cheese.

He's also alone, meaning he's going to pretty much be a kitten.

"You are stronger than I expected. But Taishi Ci is stronger still."

(In case you forgot, he's the guy we fought in the mountain tunnel with the twisty, Erdrick-esque helmet.)

Crossbows are sold, although we only buy two as we're going to get another radioactive sword soon, and we found one in the well.

"Sun Quan's castle? It's north-east of here."

"General Zhang Bao. Brigands live in an inn south of the Castle. Someone must bring them to justice. If you defeat them, we will give you our town treasure. Please help us."


There should be more inns in the middle of nowhere in this game; bars for that matter as well.

Maybe the receptionist took Zhang Bao and co. right to the bandit's room, but here we are.

"What are you doing here? You farmers have no chance against us. Go home!"

And naturally, this guy magically calls all his other 51,304 friends staying in this inn, and they all attack. This inn must be like Chateau Versailles x 5 to host all these bandits.

Quality over quantity, Lu Bu. I like this fight, Huo Shen is spammed even by Zhang Bao.

I imagine the innkeeper isn't too pleased with the god of fire looming over the inn, but oh well.

Well that's nice of them.

"We give up. It was the chaos and unrest that made us brigands. We promise to change our ways. We'll give up crime and become farmers again."

Hi Taishi Ci!

Bye Taishi Ci!

"Thank you for defeating the brigands. This is a reward. We got it from the brigands. It's a sword named Qing Long. Use it for good purposes."

In either case, radioactive sword #2 is in our hands, which is a good thing, seeing as a major battle is coming up.

Another possible reference to one of Zhuge Liang's inventions: the Stone Sentinel Maze, which is working against us, ironically. In reality, it's just a bunch of trippy looking branch paths, in which the one we want is the rightmost one heading up.

Ooh three gates, Sun Quan means business.

"Run home and tell Liu Bei how terrible Sun Yi is."

The "terrible" part is the fact that Sun Yi is a generic commander battle tracing all the way back to he mountain tunnel who only has 46 INT, and is alone in this fight.

"Prepare to fight Zhou Tai."

Zhou Tai isn't much better, with 45 INT, and only has this mook to support him. If you didn't tell, successive gate battles are rather hilarious.

Wouldn't that be funny if they were all like "nope, not even close to Sun Quan, here's another ten gates to storm!"?

"Where's my enemy?"

Chi Xin, really?

But hey, I suppose that's better than quite literally nothing

Even better yet: the tactician of the group doesn't know the two assery tactics, so this goes by quick.

"Say yer' prayers, Sun Quan, not like that's going to do you any good!"

"Zhang Bao. Wu and Wei formed an alliance to destroy Shu, after which I thought to destroy Wei and rule China. Your strength is surprising but I am willing to die for my ambition. Men! Attack!"

Oh hey, it's mooks that we wreck periodically already in the overworld, well, nice seeing you again.

The biggest thing that happened is that I forgot to recheck Lu Sun's status, in which he knew Ji Mian, so he got a few hits in, but after that, nothing really happens that didn't happen in a commander battle with them. This fight in many ways reminds me of the first one with Lu Bu, where Li Ru is being a little prick, but this time we know Ce Mian.

"You have talent. I can see how you overcame my weak associates. But you are mislead if you think that means you can defeat me. Your arrogance will find you dead."


Wh-what, you can't do that, gimme time to be a pansy and go back to heal!
(You technically can run away from this fight if you really wanted to)

Oh dear.

He also got the initiative knowing my luck, and guess what he does with it? Read on.