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Part 22: Chapter XXI: Shut Up, Sima Yi

With my summer holidays now officially in swing, I now have the motivation and time to finish this~

Chapter XXI: Shut Up, Sima Yi

So where we last left off, we were crossing the bridge to Luoyang to deal with this Sima Yi figure, who just sort of popped out of nowhere, lost a lot of battles, and is now cornered. With that said, let's continue.

Run home and tell Liu Bei how terrible Hou Cheng is.

Mooks; onto the next one!

In all honestly, especially seeing as how healing is a few paces away.

At least it's good to see that he tries to be threatening at least.
But really isn't, look at that mid fire tactic being used at endgame

Poor guy, he tried so hard.

"To the battlefield! Destroy Liu Bei's army!"

If you've been Googling these characters, you'll find that the game just decides to throw random people to fill the void of the Sima Yi saga.

I've nothing to say about this guy, as he has nothing important to talk about, he has a moderate amount of soldiers?

Someone should subsequently LP the balance hack, although I haven't beaten it, I imagine the gate battles around this point would be much more interesting to talk about.

And with that, we are thrown into the last three battles of the game, care to guess how they'll turn out?

"Prepare to battle Li Xin."

One thing I've noticed about this game is sometimes, breaks in names aside, they have the urge to randomly rename people.

For the final gate battle, I am pleased they at least made one guy have the potential to be a dick to the team.

Which is abruptly undermined thanks to the fact that his two companions are dead weight.

I think I was too mean to a certain someone, but he deserved it for having the nerve to know Ji Mian, AND being a gate battle!

Welp, here we go; for better or for worse.

"You've gone far enough. It ends here."

Meet the real prick of this game, to hell with his dad, this guy will wreck your day.

See that instant kill spell he is using right now? Well, this so happens to be his favourite move to do, meaning if you don't silence him, things will get shitty in a matter of turns. That being said, once Ce Mian is used, it's good bye for everything ever.

While his brother has the potential to be as much of an ass as he is, his AI is surprisingly moderate.

And well...

What makes this fight memorable is not the assery of Sima Shi, rather the taunts they say before they attack.

"If you stand by us, we will treat you very well."

"You are strong, but you can't stand against my attack."

"How much does Liu Bei pay you to throw your lives away!"

How much does Liu Bei- he doesn't pay any-, oh it's personal now bitches!

Not today, asshole.

No, they do not morph into Twinrova or anything like that.

But just as a side note, Sima Shi actually dies from an infected eye, which pops right out of its socket and sprays blood everywhere, subsequently killing him when he gets bad word of a botched military campaign, which is awesome in its own right.

"Zhang Bao. My destiny is to conquer the whole land. You can't prevent it."

Really? The final boss of the game, and that's his epic speech? What is this, Fire Emblem plot?

On the bright side, look at all the dicks we have to fight all at once! Wouldn't that be amusing if there were Rebels in this fight?

(The 'Major Boss' piece is also played somewhat anti-climatically here, but I have a better piece to play that fits this fight more.)

"Oh no, my tactics aren't working yet again! Why didn't I prepare for this after having this happen to me twice in a row?!"

Correct, the second in command is dumb, and has no tricks to pull, making him into the beefiest punching bag known to man.

The third dude is a tiny step better than the previous officer, but is still a complete joke.

On the other hand, the fourth officer can take some serious ass, and should be dealt with immediately after Sima Yi, as Sima Yi has a horrible unlimited supply of ultimate healing magic, his is diluted.

And Sima Yi and Xu Zhu are the same mooks we've already fought.

Nice knowin' ya' Sima Yi.

Even so, this is a very long fight, if only for the sheer amount of soldiers in it. Furthermore, it's timed to an extent in the sense that you NEED to kill Sima Yi and Cheng Yu before you run out of TP, or Sima Yi will be all Wan Fu on everything, screwing up any progress you made.

It's best to pretend everyone else doesn't exist, and focus on one person at a time. I don't use tactics at all aside from healing and Ce Mian, just to be sure I have enough TP to spam Ce Mian until Cheng Yu is dead.

Just in time!

And just like that, we finish the game exactly how we started and played it hitherto.

What will the peace look like? Read on.