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Part 1: The Dark Below

I hope you're ready for something completely different.

We've dealt with the Vex. Now it's time to turn our attention to The Dark Below.

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RandomNinja posted:

Since Pythonicus, and I'm sure many others, might be interested in seeing the main mechanical differences within Crota's End (which is my most 2nd most played raid, I think), I've made a short video that covers the end of the thrallway up to killing Ir Yut, since the bridge and Ir Yut encounter have some small changes.

Check it out

If you can't check out the video, I'll summarize the salient points:

The Abyss
The main difference for the brdige building section is generally less enemie (although a lot of that had to do with the method I use to get to the end section), and as an effect of that, no adds spawned on the bridge, and no ogre was in the tunnel.

The Chasm

The chasm is very, very different. In fact this is where most of the changes were focused. If you'll notice, in the video posted by Pythonicus, he had to die in order to get 5 swords over the bridge (the bare minimum). that was in direct response to the method I used here, which circumvents building the bridge entirely, and allows you to solo the raid. Instead of waves of knights, the encounter on the other side of the bridge consists of Acolytes, Thrall, 2 yellow bar Wizards, and 2 yellow bar Ogres

The Thrallway

The Thrallway is identical, I just wanted to demonstrate the treasure chest at the end of the tunnel, which is allegedly a chance for an exotic engram. Allegedly

Ir Yut

Ir Yut has had very few changes in the Normal Mode of the Raid (although is changed significantly in the Hard mode, which I hope Pythonicus shows off). One thing that changed is the inclusion of Knights in the towers on the side, which is in response to players pulling out the wizards and shooting them with a Gjallerhorn Rocket. Instead of mucking about with that, I decided to demonstrate a classic out-of-bounds glitch, and not deal with any of the adds. The shown path was also alrgely patched out I believe, although there are still ways up there.


I don't show it off in the video, but they also modified Crota's behaviour. Unfortunately I'm too out of practice to be able to really show off the changes, but essentially, Crota kneels for longer, and his less likely to charge you, allowing you to know get multiple turns to hit Crota (more of a factor in the Level 40 Raid)