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by CirclMastr

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Original Thread: Let's Play Detroit: Become Human with my little sister



Detroit: Become Human is the latest game from David Cage and Quantic Dream. It is an adventure game about human-like robots becoming self-aware and how they deal with that. Largely, it is a big step up in previous David Cage games both in terms of giving the player choices and in having those choices matter. Also largely, it deals with some serious issues and themes without much subtlety or tact. Also the movement controls aren't great.

If I'm being cagey () about the content of the game, it's because pretty much all of its value is in the story, and I want to avoid spoilers. So, no spoilers please. At the same time, I have to acknowledge that this is a pretty heavily publicized game and is already not without controversy, so it's not like I can pretend that most of the people watching this aren't familiar with it. At the same time, I recognize that I am probably the least qualified person to discuss serious issues and controversy while also playing a video game. So why am I making this LP?

Because my little sister is Valorie Curry, who plays Kara. In fact, the popularity of the Kara tech demo (also starring Valorie) is the reason why Detroit: Become Human got made at all. So this whole thing is arguably her fault. Anyway, she'll be joining me for the first episode, as well as whatever episodes she has time to record with me. She's currently filming season 2 of The Tick for Amazon (where she plays Arthur's sister Dot), so check that out as well! She'll also return for the finale, where she has graciously agreed to answer questions from you, the audience, so feel free to leave a reply with something you'd like to ask her.

And when she's too busy to record with me, I'll be soliciting commentators from among other LPers, so if you're interested in that, hit me up.


Episode 1 with Valorie Curry
Episode 2 with Valorie Curry
Episode 3 with Dan and Grace
Episode 4 with Coolguy
Episode 5 with Valorie Curry
Episode 6 with nobody
Episode 7 with TheLoneStar
Episode 8 with Valorie Curry
Episode 9 with Dan and Grace
Episode 10 with Calli and Michael
Episode 11 with migraines
Episode 12 with Dan and Grace
Episode 13 with Ibblebibble
Episode 14 with Dan and Grace
Episode 15 with P0LARMic
Episode 16 with mateo360
Episode 17 with Dan and Grace
Episode 18 with TheLastRoboKy
Episode 19 with Miz Kriss
Episode 20 with new glasses (but still migraines)
Episode 21 with Dan and Grace
Episode 22 with Coolguy
Episode 23 with Anticheese
Episode 24 with Dan and Grace
Episode 25 with Miz Kriss
Episode 26 with Dan and Grace
Episode 27 with Coolguy
Episode 28 with Coolguy, Miz Kriss, Dan, and Grace
Episode 29 with Coolguy, Miz Kriss, Dan, and Grace
Episode 30 with Valorie Curry
Bonus Speedrun with a bunch of people
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