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Part 3: Shooting Video Domain

Let's look around town a bit before heading out!

I heard that Angemon is leading a group of peace loving Digimon. But I don't understand why the Wild Digimon haven't attacked them yet. Maybe what I heard about Angemon is not true!? Hmmm!?

It looks like the Digimon that have not become wild are hiding there! They say that the Angemon that Bertran was talking about is the leader of that group.

Sounds like a plot hook. I wonder who is hanging out in the Tamer's Club?

: That way something good might happen when you talk to someone. Try it!

That triggers a flag or something to make a new guy appear in the Digimon Center.

: Zudokorn was saying that you're pretty good. I guess he was right. I'll give you something useful. This is just for you. Here, take it! This is a Gift that works for all Digimon Types. Use it wisely.

Not only is it good for all types, but it's a high level. We'll be saving it for someone special later.

The Digimon Center runs trades that change after certain missions. This isn't the best trade since SnowAgumon can be captured three dungeons from now. And it's not like we can catch a ToyAgumon now anyway, unless we waste our Toy Plane.

Both Video and Disk Domains are open, and you can go in any order, but Video Domain is easier since there's only one Boss Digimon in the party instead of three. Both dungeons have five floors.

Video Domain is all Vaccine-type Digimon, except for the boss. The only new face is Tentomon, plus ToyAgumon is available to capture now. Their levels don't go over EL 2. Remember our lowest is EL 5...yeah. The low exp gain continues.

A new hazard is introduced here - the Acid Swamp. Your Digi-Beetle will take damage when this is rolled over. Upgraded tires can negate the damage from the different levels of Acid. Yellow is the lowest level.

This enemy group gives the most experience in the dungeon, a whopping 12 points.

I love it when I spawn right next to the elevator.

Kokatorimon, whose name has always annoyed me, is the Boss Digimon.

: Your shining treasure? What are you talking about? I came to destroy the Wild Digimon that are a menace to the citizens of the City!

Kokatorimon: Sheesh! You little brat! Beat me if you can! I, Kokatorimon, will show you my power!

Kokatorimon is a Champion level Digimon, but our three Rookies have the advantage in numbers.

The squiggly line in Pebbles' box means he's paralyzed. Kokatorimon's Stun Flame Shot attack has a chance to do this. Being paralyzed means there's a chance your turn will be skipped. Not like it matters, since the boss goes down this round.

A decent haul. Mjolnir has two levels to go before he can digivolve.

We get a Dynamo Part after the battle, which must have been the bird's shiny thing. Actually I didn't expect the dungeon to go that fast. Maybe our team is just that awesome.

Next time: Getting some new friends and some plot in Disk Domain.