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Part 4: Formatting Disk Domain

That's enough for two more Digimon.

Spawned in the floor portal room again. The first floor just has SnowGoburimon and Betamon as enemies, still EL 1.

Floor 2 is where sort of new enemies appear. There's the Gazimon/Gizamon party from Boot Domain, but at a lower level, and a SnowGoburimon trucking along with a normal Goburimon. Since it takes two Level D items to befriend a Digimon, I'm not able to get anyone in this room - not enough room to shoot twice.

But I get one later. Cute little puppy.

Our Digi-Beetle is now full at four partner Digimon, so some would need to be transferred to the Server if we want to catch anymore. Of course we can't transfer in the dungeon, time to leave.

You can't transfer Digimon to the Server that are in your battle party, and if you have enough, you're forced to carry three into battle. That means it'll be two more trips into the dungeon to catch the other two mons.

And after those two trips, here's our backup team. Or maybe they'll get switched in. We'll see after this next boss.

Back into the dungeon, this time for the boss. Floor 3 was annoying since it had so many dead ends and long hallways. I expanded the map to show it a little better.

This looks exactly the same as Video Domain. I think you spawn in this spot every time on Floor 4, too.

???: I wish the entire world was like this! I love slime. I love dark and damp places! What? I see an intruder in this slimy damp paradise! Who is that?

Oh look, it's our living poop Digimon.

Numemon: Did you come to rescue Angemon? I'll kick your digi-butt again! I, Numemon, the Boss of this dampness filled slimy Disk Domain, will take care of you!

: Yuck...What is this thing? I'll take care of you, buddy!

Numemon comes along with a Sukamon and his own DemiDevimon. DemiDevimon is the first to go since he can sap MP with his attack.

Both Numemon and Sukamon use the Party Time attack. It's not a nice party.

Here's what using the Cannon looks like, Pebbles needed a healing item here.

That much experience is amazing, considering normal battles top out at 12 right now.

: What was he saying? Something about Angemon and the Meditation Dom...or something?

You need to head north to find Angemon before heading back to the City.

: Wow! You're not a Wild Digimon. Are you? My name is Thor. I'm a Tamer of a Guard Team in Digital City.

: I am Angemon. A Digimon from Meditation Dome. Thanks for rescuing me, Thor. This Boss Digimon is sneaky. He captured me and blackmailed my friends in Meditation Dome.

: Really? But... What is Meditation Dome?

: It's a place where Digimon, who didn't become wild, can gather. Numemon took me hostage to try to make Digimon of Meditation Dome attack the City.

: What a slimeball!!

: I really thank you for what you have done. You're always welcome to stop by the Dome.

Angemon warps away, and we're free to head back left to the exit portal. Time to check in with our leader since both dungeons are cleared.

: I have destroyed the Bosses of Video Domain and Disk Domain.

: Wow! That was quick! Well done! Earlier, we got a message from the peace loving Digimon of Meditation Dome. They have decided to help us Guard Teams of Digital City. If we could gain peace just by wishing for it, that would be great. But...Sometimes, we must fight to defend our peace. That's why we are here!

: Go to the Tamer's Club. You will meet other Tamers there.

To the Club it is!

: Hmm...Whom shall I talk to? Yes! He would be a good person to talk to. Excuse me. Can I ask you something...?

: Wow! Aren't you the Thor everyone is talking about? Hi! My name is Mark Shultz.

: Hello, Mr. Shultz! How can I become a great Tamer like Mr. Zudokorn?

Wait, that's not going to be useful information...

: If anyone knew, I'd want to know that too!

: Sorry for asking such a silly question...

: But that's not something just anyone can tell you...Oh yeah! I've got a good idea! Do you want to go for a little adventure? I found a new Domain with a Boss Digimon! Thor, why don't you go there?

: Really!? But...why don't you go there and beat the Boss Digimon yourself?

: And in the last Domain I went to, we got whipped by the Wild Digimon. So I have to concentrate on raising my Digimon partners for a while. So come and talk to me when you have your Digi-Beetle all ready for an outing.

And we will, once we decide on our team. Now that we have six Digimon, I'll let you choose who to bring with me on the next mission. I'll be leveling everyone up to EL 11 and digivolving them before setting out. Here's our list.

Mjolnir the DemiDevimon. Digivolves into IceDevimon.
Fred the SnowGoburimon. Digivolves into Hyogamon.
Pebbles the Betamon. Digivolves into DarkTyrannomon.
Pal the Gazimon. Digivolves into Nanimon.
Chompy the Goburimon. Digivolves into Ogremon.
McCartney the Gizamon. Digivolves into Cyclonemon.

One day to vote, unless there's an overwhelming majority.

Next time: We'll get something important from Mark and head out to the domain he found.