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Part 6: Destroying Drive Domain

: Who's that? Who is that girl? I've never seen her before.

: My sis, Techna-Donna, is a real pain in the neck. She wants me to find Generator Parts now! Anyway, there's nothing I can't find. What Kim wants, Kim gets!

You are the worst thief in the history of games.

: Huh?! Kim?? Device Dome? And...she was talking about Generator Parts or something. Maybe she knows something...

Our hero also isn't the brightest.

Even though we can't get items, there's a ton of new parts for sale. Really expensive parts. The Turtle Battery is the best thing to pick up now, and I get the Crow BOX (holds 16 items) after selling my old battery. We'll get the Wasp RAM (holds 5 Digimon) and other additions later.

We can tackle the dungeons now, but let's see if Angemon knows anything about this Device Dome place.

Thor explains about the missing Parts and what he overheard from Kim about Device Dome.

: Device Dome was created by the people who left the City during the revolt. In fact, we also left the City and started living here at about the same time...All those who left the City have tried to hide where they live now. That's why even I don't know where Device Dome is.

: I see...Even you don't know...Then all I have to go on is to find that girl...Kim.

: She stops by here from time to time. She was just here a little while ago. She was asking about the Domain where old Ancient Artifact thingys are dug up. I told her about Drive Domain and Web Domain.

: Really? Then I'll go to those Domains right away!

Drive Domain is a bit easier, so we head there first. Both Domains have seven floors. Drive Domain is another dungeon full of Vaccine types.

Well, shit. Pal's maxed out on levels already. He'll be shuffled to the back line until someone else maxes out. I'd rather not pull out BlasterMaster so early since he runs out of MP fast, so it's a quick trip back to the City to put him on the server.

Another new dungeon hazard, the Bug Nest. Rolling under one of these things makes a Bug drop onto your Digi-Beetle. Bugs are probably the worst hazards, since they can sap your energy, sap your money, send Digimon back to the Server, or take up room in your Digi-Beetle. I can't get rid of them without a Bug Zapper and the correct ammo, which I don't have yet, so it's time to be careful. Or auto pilot back to the City a lot.

This floor is the same every time, and if you don't have a missile, you can't continue.

A new enemy, Gomamon Other new encounters in this dungeon are Penguinmon, ClearAgumon, Unimon and SnowAgumon that we could've traded for before.

We are now taking a break from the dungeon to show off DNA Digivolution since Mjolnir also maxed on levels.

When a Digimon's next level is listed as 99999999, it means it can't level up anymore. It's a bit cryptic, and as a kid I thought my game had glitched or something. At this time, you need to DNA Digivolve it with another Digimon. You can DNA Digivolve with only Champion levels or above, and the resulting "child" will be a rank lower than the lowest ranked parent. There's groups and charts that tell you what the resulting Digimon will be.

Since it's a new Digimon, you get to give it a new name. Also, the DP stat has ticked up by a point. DP determines what the Digimon will Digivolve into if it has different lines. DemiDevimon needs 3 DP to switch lines, so no change yet. Also, he's back at level 1. This is another reason why the game is a grind, having to retrain up your entire team after DNA Digivolution.

As a side note, you can DNA Digivolve before the level cap, but then you'd miss out on getting higher levels overall. And no, there's nowhere in the menus that tells you what your Digimon's level cap is, you just have to watch their next level section.

After DNA Digivolving, your level cap is raised according to this formula: Stronger Parent Level + (Weaker Parent Level / 5) rounded down. In this case, 13+(13/5) is 15. Not too much improvement.

It seems that everyone is going to hit level cap at EL 13, so it's best to get everyone there now and DNA Digivolve them. And then retrain them all back up to that level before actually fully completing the dungeon.

After all that grinding, Mjolnir mk2 is way stronger than he was before at a comparable level.

The rest of the team. The Wizardmon was the current trade at the Digimon Center, for a Crabmon. I used the other Toy Plane to get it for some type variety.

Panzer's also been upgraded with new gear. We can complete the dungeon now!

The second level of Acid, green, starts showing up here. There's also green Electro Spores hiding.

This party, that I've partially killed, is the best in this dungeon for experience, but also a tough battle since ClearAgumon can heal.

Hopefully you have a lot of EP left for this floor, or some missiles to use the shortcut.

Birdramon: Don't you know that Drive Domain belongs to me, Birdramon?

: That's what you think! I'm the Guard Tamer, Thor! Be captured peacefully or else I'll be forced to destroy you!

Birdramon: What a noisy fool! I'll burn you up with my fire!

Birdramon, along with his Flarizamon and Candlemon buddies, is another boss that can be tough. His Meteor Wing attack hits the whole party for a good amount of damage. Once he's down, it gets a lot easier.

: I wonder what this is? It looks like the Parts I picked up before. But what is it?

We get a Converter, and finally get on the Exit Portal. So actually I did things backwards, since we looked for the thief first, and now we're going to rank up at the Coliseum.

This is the most important change in the tournaments compared to normal battles. Your Digimon are on their own. For later ranks, it's good to have a healer on your team. The other difference is you don't get any experience points.

And they cost money. Of course.

Our first opponent is good ol' Bertran. His team isn't anything new. Really I'm overleveled for this first tournament.

Joy Joy is next, and she has a Digimon we haven't seen before - Kunemon. He's in the next dungeon, though. Again, an easy battle considering our team.

I believe this girl's been around the City, but hasn't been important yet.

And again, nothing too special of a team.

We also get an item, a HP Driver-2, for winning.

Next time: Even more new Digimon in Web Domain

By the way, here's how I DNA Digivolved everyone:
Mjolnir + Pal = Mjolnir mk2
Pebbles + McCartney = Rocks
Fred + Chompy = Pablo