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Part 7: Browsing Web Domain

Today, we're gonna catch a lot of Digimon. And Digivolve a lot.

Web Domain is covered in hazards, blocked paths, and dead ends. It's also full of Virus-type Digimon. New guys don't show up until floor 4. Rookie Digimon now need three or four Skateboards to befriend, and the Champion level enemies need a ton more. Rooms can be small, making it tough to shoot off enough items to get Digimon.

Floor 3 has no enemies, but is full of traps in case you go exploring for treasure.

After going through the dungeon a few times, this is who was picked up:

Love Bug the Dokunemon, Digivolved to Flymon
Gig the Kunemon, Digivolved to Kuwagamon
Manana the Otamamon, Digivolved to Gekomon
Taco the Syakomon, Digivolved to Octomon

Hagurumon also appears in this dungeon, but will be picked up later with higher level gifts. He moves two squares to our one so he's tough to capture.

And then since these guys are fresh, and we're getting experience faster, they capped out on levels pretty fast. Here's how they DNA Digivolved:

Love Bug + Pablo = Raid the Kunemon
Taco + Gig = Chowder the Syakomon
Manana + Rocks = Ringo the Gizamon

And then even more Digivolving was done.

There's going to be a lot of Digivolving madness the farther we get in the game.

Even though it's a boss floor, it's pretty draining.

All of the rooms you pass through are filled with Acid, and have a Woodmon/Vegiemon team to fight. Also I hit a Land Mine here and my movement got flipped around for a short time.

Oh hey, I have one of you on my team.

: What did you call me?

Kuwagamon: If you say you're not a weakling Guard Tamer, prove it! That is if you're brave enough to face me, Kuwagamon, the Boss of Web Domain!

Only new thing here is the Gesomon. Its Coral Crusher attack lowers speed, while Kuwagamon's attack lowers defense. Raid can do the same, of course.

And he can do a ton of other stuff, like poison. Though that didn't matter since Gesomon went down in two attacks.

Not bad at all.

: Great! Well done, Thor. Thanks to your good work, the Black Sword name will become famous. Unfortunately, we haven't found the thief who stole the Generator Parts.

: I see. I will continue with my search for the thief.

: Good luck, Thor! Don't forget that people are counting on us Black Swords to solve this!

No new information there. Maybe Angemon knows something.

: I just found out that our Ogremon told Kim about Modem Domain.

: Really? That's great! So, if I go there right now, I might be able to meet her!!

: Yes, probably. There is a good chance you'll find her.

: Thank you! I'll go there right away!!

Next time: Finally ending this thief chase, and getting our reward.