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Part 8: Dialing Into Modem Domain

Modem Domain ups the floor count by one for a total of eight. It's full of Data-type Digimon, of course, since the last two covered Vaccine and Virus. Only a few new faces, though.

The Mine Sweep (detects low level mines) and Arm (removes mines) comes in handy here.

Except when this happens.

Floor 2 is swarming with crabs designed to drain your resources. They're only EL 1!

Floor 5 has a lot of blocked paths, but I spawn next to the floor portal.

I go exploring to show off a Palmon before leaving. This party gives the best exp and cash for the dungeon.

Floor 6 has no enemies, but has really long twisty hallways to drain your EP. Luckily I found the floor portal quickly.

More crabs.

It's like they don't want you to fight the Drimogemon/Elecmon team or something. They give less experience than the Candlemon team anyway.

Oh, it's that thief.

: Hey!! Aren't you...Kim from Device Dome?

: ...Who the...? Who are you?

: My name is Thor. A Guard Tamer from the City. I have a question about the City's Generator Parts. You know what I'm talking about?

: What? The City's Generator Parts? I didn't steal them...How should I know anything about them! See you later!!

The Floor Portal is just behind her, so we give chase.

Upgraded Tires on the Beetle negate Acid damage.

I really do hate enemy groups on the boss floor. Just let me get to the boss without having to heal!

Our boss, strangely, is a group of Vaccine-types lead by Greymon

Greymon: I am Greymon, the King Digimon of Modem Domain! Get on your knees and say please!!

: What a self-centered Digimon! I will never do such a thing!!

Greymon:What a fool! Then I will make you eat your words!!

Remember the Birdramon boss in Drive Domain? Saberdramon is the same thing, just black. Greymon's also got a few powerful attacks.

But it's not over yet!

: What? You again? Stop following me around!

: Give me back the Generator Parts you stole from the City!

: What kind of idiot would give them back just like that? Besides, it's mine now! If you want it back, you'll have to take it from me!

Oh, so now she admits to stealing them.

And now we have to fight her team, appropriately Data-typed considering the rest of the dungeon. We've seen our own Wizardmon in action, so we'll be expecting counter attacks that can paralyze. Seadramon has an attack that hits the entire party, while Akatorimon isn't anything too special.

Seadramon didn't have a chance to even attack. I used my R-Cannon to shoot a Data Candy I found to lower their defense even more

If Greymon trampled you and you didn't have any healing items, this battle would be harder.

Didn't we tell her already?

: I'm Thor. You're not bad yourself.

: Thanks, Thor. Are you coming to Device Dome later? I'll return the Generator Parts there. I really meant to give them back right away...

Then why didn't you when we asked? Why did you act like you knew nothing? Why did you run away?

: I've already sent the location of Device Dome to your Browser.

: What? When did you do that...?

Stupid mysterious kid. We'll report this to our leader before visiting her.

: A girl named Kim has it and she lives at Device Dome. I'm going to Device Dome to get back the stolen Generator Parts from her!

: Good work! Recover the parts as soon as possible! Don't let the other Teams get to it first!

Since when was this a competition? I thought the teams worked together to protect the City?

The place isn't even that far away.

: Yeah, everybody is waiting for the Generator Parts.

: I see. But that's all settled now. I already told my sis to send an engineer to the City with the Parts...By now, the Power Generator should already be fixed. Things should be back to normal now.

So in the time it took us to drive out here, someone drove back to the City and fixed everything.

: Really, Kim? That's great! Thanks!!

: It's nothing, really! I'm glad you are happy. Oh yeah! My sis says she wants to meet you. Thor, will you go and meet her? I'll introduce you!

Really, Techna-Donna is such a weird name. Hopefully she got it as a nickname after growing up or something.

: Hello, I'm Thor...

: I heard my littler sister caused you a bit of a problem. I'm really sorry about that. But I really needed those Parts for my experiment. But thanks to those Parts, I came up with a new Radar System! For all the problems we caused, I'll give you this. It's a Titanium Core. When I need something again, please let me borrow them for a while. OK?

Did it ever occur to anyone here that maybe they could've asked for the Parts nicely?

: Sure. Thank you...

And how it is our decision to let her borrow things?

: Thor! That's great! With that you can upgrade your Digi-Beetle from its Steel Body to a Titanium Body. Stop by the Device Dome whenever you have time. I'll be waiting. OK?

Before leaving, let's check out the Device Dome shops. There's an upgraded Ammo place and Item place, but those aren't too interesting.

That really expensive engine? Required. You can't upgrade your Digi-Beetle without it, since the other engines won't work in a Titanium Body. The next most important thing is the Crane Box, since the dungeons will get longer and more hazardous.

This guy sells everything the Gift vendors sell at the various Guard Team buildings, though still only levels E and D for now.

The Digivolve Operator here can DNA Digivolve any type together, so we're not restricted by our Guard Team anymore. I didn't go through with this one, I've got other plans for Mjolnir mk2. Overall, Device Dome is a pretty cool place.

Next time: Upgrading our Beetle, our Rank, and maybe even the plot.