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Part 9: Connecting Into SCSI Domain

Time to upgrade our Digi-Beetle to the next body type.

: You have the right Engine too. I'll go ahead and install the Titanium Body.

: Thanks Chief.

: Just leave it to me! I'll have it upgraded in no time! I'll use your Digi-Beetle Browser to get the Titanium Core. Then, I'll...

: Wow...I wonder how my Digi-Beetle will change...

: that...Apply the metal coating...It's done! Thor, you now have a Titanium Body.

: Outstanding!! Thank you Chief Maestro!

Panzer now has space for four cannons, along with the HP boost from that new engine. I'm sure Skull would like to hear about everything at Device Dome, so it's back to the Guard Team building.

: The City's Power Generator has been restored by engineers from Device Dome.

: So Kim and Techna-Donna kept their promises.

: That's right. Now we can breathe easier. Thor, you solved the City's crisis along with your mission to destroy the Boss Digimon. We would like to reward you for all your great work!

Free money doesn't hurt.

: Thank you, Sir!

: By the way, have you been working on your Tamer Ranking? A Tamer's Rank shows one's level of strength. It is very important. You can improve your Rank by winning in the Tournaments at the Coliseum! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your good work! Keep it up!!

Well, that's one way to say "raise your rank, stupid." We need to be at rank 3 to progress in the game.

He's not nice

Especially for a guy still trucking around with Rookies

Next up is this girl with self-esteem issues.

Not much of a team improvement.

It's this bastard again, except now he's the final opponent instead of the first.

And surprisingly, unlike everyone else, he's got a champion level Raremon. His Digimon take more than two hits each, and Raremon can confuse.

Nah, you can't. You can't defeat us and become the hero like you want to be. Besides, how much of our senior are you if you're not even a higher rank than Thor is?

We get a Toy Boat, a Level B Gift for all Digimon, for winning.

: Yes, I have heard. Well done. For our new Rank 3 Rookie Tamer, I have a new mission. Lately, a group of Wild Digimon have moved near the City, from deep in Directory Continent. Thor, your next mission is to...

: Black Sword Leader! The Blood Knights have been spotted! A Guard Tamer is engaged in a battle with a Blood Knight's Digi-Beetle right now! The enemy Digi-Beetles have been sighted in Disk, Video, and SCSI Domains!

: So the crazy Blood Knights have reappeared...Alert all Black Sword Tamers! We begin Operation Blood Knights now!

: Yes Sir! We'll begin Operation Blood Knights immediately!

I personally think it'd make more sense to call it "Operation Eliminate Blood Knights" or something, but that's just me.

: The Blood Knights are a mysterious army that attacked our Digital City 30 years ago!

: But weren't they all captured in that battle?

: We captured most of them, but their leader, Crimson, escaped. Crimson and a group of their officers escaped to somewhere deep in Directory Continent.

: I see...

: The Blood Knights lead by Crimson are fiercely strong! But Digital City has the Guard Teams! If we combine the power of the all 3 Guard Teams [sic], the Blood Knights are nothing to fear! Black Sword Thor! You must seek and destroy the Blood Knights hiding in the Domains!

Plural? Since Thor's the designated main character, he pulls all the weight while everyone else does nothing/gets kidnapped/is useless. You know how it goes.

: Yes Sir! I'll get to it.

He's all excited because he thinks he gets to do things.

: Don't worry. I'll take care of all them sissy Blood Knights! By the way, I'll introduce you to a new kid who recently joined the Black Swords! Lucky Luis, this is Thor. He's not as good as me, but he's a pretty decent Tamer.

Hey, we kicked your ass five minutes ago in the tournament.

And he (I think), looks utterly useless.

: I'm going to train hard in order to become a cool Tamer like you and Bertran!

: Nice to meet you! Good luck.

: Well, this kid's got potential, unlike someone I know. He'll be a real Tamer in no time. You'd better train hard so you don't fall behind Luis! Lucky Luis! Let's go out and adventure in a Domain!

: Roger, Bertran!

: Besides, did you buy everything you'll need before leaving? Hey Bertran! Listen!

Digimon Center has a new trade, and it's pretty awesome, even though Megadramon can't Digivolve and will be weaker than the rest of our team.

Bertran said he wanted us to train hard so we don't get worse than that kid, so we'll do just that. The main team is near their level caps, anyway.

Metal Gear the Hagurumon, Digivolved to Numemon, traded for Megadramon
Fang the Gomamon, Digivolved to Tortomon
Steak the Gabumon, Digivolved to Centarumon

DNA Digivolved:
Raid + Chowder = Salad the Syakomon, Digivolved to Gesomon
Mjolnir mk2 + Ringo = Mjolnir III the Tsukaimon, Digivolved to Soulmon
Mjolnir III + Wizardmon = Mjolnir IV the DemiDevimon, Digivolved to Devimon
Salad + Fang = Pie the Gomamon, Digivolved to Ikkakumon

SCSI Domain has less floors than Modem Domain, but is tougher due to the enemy parties and floor makeup. Expect to see lots of traps.

Until floor 5, the enemies are lifted straight out of other dungeons. Including their lame experience payout.

I hate how they block places with Blue or higher level obstacles, we can't buy the ammo to clear those yet.

The Champion level teams start appearing on floor 4, making a bigger drain on your MP.

Of course. I don't bring any bug zaps and I get stuck in a room with one.

Megadramon gets sent back to the Server and then it hops off my Beetle. I guess it could've been worse.

One of the new enemy groups. This also proves that you can probably catch an Angemon before Digivolving a Patamon into it (though ClearAgumon Digivolves into him with 0 DP). I didn't screencap it, but there's also a Yanmamon/Palmon team on this floor.

An annoying team that actually uses strategy! Raremon's attack poisons only when it's a counter. Tsukaimon has the Friendly Fire attack, which attacks someone on its own team. Even if you don't attack Raremon, the Tsukaimon will, causing one of you guys to get confused. And of course, confusion never wears off in one turn for you like it does with the enemies. However, this group gives a nice 104 experience points.

Of course the boss floor is crawling with unavoidable Numemon teams. Though there's a path around them if you have the correct kind of bug zap.

Note to self: buy bug zaps. The room next to the yellow dot is where I started. The yellow dot is the bug nest. Blue dot is where I am now going to the boss room.

: You've already found us? We'll continue our search for the Archive Ship later! First, we'll destroy you. And take your body to Crimson!! Beasts!! Attack this Tamer!

: Come on!! I'm ready! You don't scare me!

Darkrizamon and Deltamon both have attacks that hit the whole party. Bakemon can confuse, so he goes down first just in case. I get an unlucky first round where two out of three of my attacks missed.

Took a while cause of bad luck. Hey, BlasterMaster will gain another level soon, that takes forever. For whatever reason, the Blood Knight's Digi-Beetle disappears, and we're free to take the Exit Portal.

Next time: The next dungeon in this trio of blargh.