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Part 10: Return to Video Domain

This stuff keeps popping up in my inventory and will be for a while. Plot reasons.

Our first repeated dungeon, Video Domain is full of traps in bad places and stronger enemy teams.

Lots of impassable hallways if you don't bring missiles.

The later I get in the game, the more I love spawning by the elevator.

Twice in a row oh god yes

One of the new three Champion level enemy groups. The new face is Gururumon, not to be confused with Garurumon. Digimon has a ton of recolor mons. This team is also hard to avoid on the map since it moves two squares to your one.

Just like in the last dungeon, the final floor is covered in poop.

It's a different team, though. Mushroomon can poison but goes down too fast to do anything, and Devidramon can inflict status effects as well. It's much easier than when Raremon was confusing everyone.

I came prepared this time. Good thing too, since Bit Bugs are one of the worst kinds.

: What were the Wild Digimon upstairs doing? Letting a little kid like you through...

A little kid with a devil, a dragon, and an arctic beast with him.

: Who are you calling a little kid? I'll show you!!

Nothing we haven't seen before. Raremon can still poison on counter, Devimon can drain your MP, and Soulmon can paralyze on counter.

This took a while due to a lot of "dammit I thought he had less HP and would die from that" moments. Like before, the Blood Knight disappears leaving us with a clear path to the exit.

I mentioned this ToyAgumon in an earlier post. He will grow up to do great things. Forgot to transfer him from the server to come on the dungeon trip to get some levels. Yay grinding!

Next time: The third Blood Knight dungeon, with a twist.