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Part 11: Return to Disk Domain

We've got dudes at EL 21. You know what that means.

Our first Ultimates that we didn't trade for

Also, Scarf turned into a cat. A cat that maxed out at EL 15, dammit. That's what I get for quick and dirty DNA Digivolving.

So it's back to Disk Domain now. Still all Virus-types.

And still lots of traps blocking the paths.

Our favorite enemy team is back, too. The other formation with Devidramon and Mushroomon is on later levels. In fact, the pile of poop takes the place of the annoying crabs from an earlier dungeon with the "I'll sit in a hallway so you have to fight me" method.

This new team involving a different pile of poop joins them. Gekomon can confuse, and RedVegiemon can poison.

These guys might be more annoying than the poop squads, if only because you can't run. But I don't run from battles anyway. Guardromon is a strong attacker. They're also everywhere on the last few floors. like the Numemon.

Floor 7 is full of dead ends and loops.

Also, Bertran. Wow, one of the other Guard Tamers is actually doing something!

: I cornered the Blood Knights officer first. I'm not going to let you claim my prize! I'll bet that I'm going to get him before you! He's mine!

Wait, what?

Yeah, we have to fight Bertran again. Vegiemon has an HP sucking move, and that's the only really annoying thing in the battle. Other than wanting to conserve power and not being able to.

Besides, why are we fighting over who kills off the bad guy other than forced rivalry?

As far as I know, we're higher rank than him. And we've defeated him twice already.

: What did I do wrong? There's no way that I could lose! Why?? Oh yeah...That's right! I went easy on you! But just this time! Next time won't be so easy!

And then he leaves, which means he's letting us take out the Blood Knight anyway.

: I'm that Guard Tamer! Prepare to be destroyed!

: Ha, ha, ha, ha! You make me laugh! Do you really think you can beat me, Commander Damien, the Don of the Blood Knights? I'll make you an example for those stupid Tamers of the City! I am invincible!!

: Are you really a high ranking officer of the Blood Knights?

Well, his team has the first Ultimate level boss Digimon with WaruMonzaemon. Though the real threat is PlatinumSukamon since he can confuse.

This is Mjolnir IV's Ultimate level attack. High cost, but it hits all enemies.

All boss battles are becoming alike. Kill the guy who can inflict status effects first, then the strongest, and then the last one. Either that or my team is overpowered.

And Pie learned his Ultimate level attack. Sounds pretty nice. Unlike the other Blood Knights, Damien sticks around to talk to us.

: Aren't you a bit weak for a Boss?

: Be quiet! You brat! I'll let you off this time! But the next time we meet, I will finish you off! Until then, train hard!

Why would he want us to train hard? Wouldn't it make more sense for us not to train so he could beat us easily?

: What? Wait! Where are you going? Is he really a high ranking officer? What's that? There's something red on the floor! This is an Order to search for the Archive Ship. It is possible...

And we're free to leave. And report to our leader once we get back, since we've cleared all three dungeons.

Next time: Lots of text!