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Part 12: Data Fetching

First, to spice things up, we'll do the next tournament.

We fought her in the first tournament. She was the last opponent.

Piddomon is a healer, so he goes down first. As a side note, Scarf the Gatomon will be turning into a Piddomon soon to get said healing move.

It's the guy who evolved his team wrong and gave us a nice gift! I guess his Digimon can fight now.

ShimaUnimon can be found in a team in Video Domain, though I didn't run into him when I went through it. He's the weakest in the team. The Saberdramon here has a counter attack, and is targeted first. It ends up getting confused and attacks its own teammates instead.

Our last opponent is not Bertran!

And she's carrying a Rookie with her. Ha. Kiwimon has a strong attack, and the other two can give status effects. Pie's Tidal Wave attack made this tournament a joke since it lowers enemy attack power - I was getting hit for under 15 HP per attack.

Next time, try evolving your entire team. And she wants us to buy dinner for her and will never talk to us again.

We get a DNA-Up Chip for our "trouble", which adds one DP to the Digimon we give it to. Handy if we want to be lazy. Now we'll go report in to our leader about the last mission.

: According to the letter, it seems they are looking for something called Archive Ship.

: What? The Archive Ship!?

: Excuse me, Black Sword Leader. What is the Archive Ship?

: It's the ship our forefathers used to escape File Island.

: Isn't that ship just a myth?

: Darn Blood Knights.....It seems their plan is far more evil than we had imagined. Thor, you must find out where the Archive ship is now. Right away!

: I'm sure he will have some clues on the Archive Ship! Thor, find him!

: Roger! My mission is to search for the Archive Ship!

Oh, did you now? I guess we're special.

: Well, once I get serious, finding the enemy base will be a piece of cake!

: Bertran, did you buy an Anti-Freeze Disk? You better check your equipment before you go out! Or you'll have a tough time again!

: That was nothing! I was just playing around!

: You're boasting again!

: Alright! We're all set! Let's go, Lucky Luis!

: Roger, Bertran!

: Bertran! Will you ever change?

We're probably supposed to go around town asking where this Professor guy is. I already know that he's at Device Dome.

: I have to know the location of the Archive Ship.

: The location of the Archive Ship? I could tell you...You are a Tamer, right? I'll tell you the location, if you clear one condition I give you. I want you to catch three Digimon for me. Can you do that? They are Yanmamon, Syakomon, and Ikkakumon. Ask Gus Getem where those three Digimon live!

We won't be asking him since he charges 1000 BITs for the information of where to most easily catch everyone. Yanmamon is a Data-type in SCSI Domain, Syakomon is a Virus-type in Web Domain (and the easiest to catch, being a Rookie and in a party that won't approach you), and Ikkakumon is a Vaccine-type in Video Domain.

This is a MAJOR PAIN to do. The Champion levels take seven or eight Level D Gifts to befriend, so you have to be in a good position to be firing at them. This is pretty much impossible with Ikkakumon, who is in a party with the two-space moving Birdramon. So we'll need a stronger gift to get him. Like a Toy Plane.

We get to do another tournament!

This chick is up first.

Interesting team. Togemon can poison on counter attacks, MoriShellmon has an assist that makes attacks Nature Specialty, and JungleMojyamon doesn't do anything special.

He speaks Squall.

Bakemon causes confusion, Woodmon sucks HP, Soulmon sucks MP. We've seen all three before.

This...guy. Yeah, he's been around town. I don't really talk to NPCs.

We've seen the Dark version, but here's the plain Tyrannomon who can hit pretty hard. Monochromon and Centarumon pile on the damage. That isn't a problem since we have Tidal Wave. His Digimon also take more than three hits to kill.

It hasn't been shown but Pie's actually maxed out on levels right now, and I just haven't caught a thing to DNA Digivolve him with. Since you don't gain experience from tournament battles, it's fine to bring him along.

I wonder what Zudokorn is up to, anyway. He hasn't been a part of the plot since the beginning.

We get a lovely Toy Plane for winning, just what we needed to continue.

: Well done, Thor! Good job! They will help my research on Digimon greatly! That's what I'm supposed to say, but in fact, I was just testing your abilities.


: What!? No... You're kidding...

: I'm sorry. I hope you're not offended. If you want to know where the Archive Ship is, you must talk to a man named Bed Oldman. Ben knows a lot about the old days, but he's not a very easy man to deal with. I'm sure that he would know where the legendary Archive Ship is.

: Then all I have to do is find this Ben Oldman? OK. I'll go and find him right away! Thank you.

Let's tell our leader about this old man, maybe he knows something.

: It seems a man called Ben Oldman knows where the Archive Ship is.

: Ben Oldman! The man who used to be the Blue Falcon Leader? I see. That makes sense. He would know the location of the Archive Ship.

: But even Professor Piyotte doesn't know where he is.

: Hmm...There must be someone who knows where he is. Continue looking for him! If you keep at it, I'm sure you'll find him!

: Yes Sir, Black Sword Leader! I will continue my search for the Archive Ship!

: There is a strange sickness breaking out among the Digimon!

: Chief Maestro! Tell me what's happening!

: There were Items disappearing from the Main Server. When I looked into it, I found out that some Digimon were stealing those Items!

: That's it! The stolen Items turn into useless Junk Parts! That's probably because one of your Digimon is infected with the strange virus!

: What? That can't be!

: What? Even Thor's Digimon have been infected with the virus. It could have something to do with the Blood Knights, but how could they do this? It's as if a Digimon's wild instincts were awakened suddenly...

: But we have to do something! We'll be in real trouble soon! What would happen if all Digimon in the City became wild... I'd better get going! I'll go and talk to the other Guard Teams!

: Therefore, I must take an extraordinary measure! Until this problem is solved, you may not enter this office! You may not enter any Coliseum Tournaments. This is to stop other Digimon from getting ill!

: Oh no! That's not....fair!

Hey, it's better than something like "We're going to take away all your Digimon. Permanently. Have fun raising a new team."

: If you don't like it, then solve the mystery, Thor!!

Next time: Solving that mystery with more fetching