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Part 13: Patching Things Up

Since everyone had maxed out again, I caught some new Digimon and DNA Digivolved a bit.

Bark the Woodmon
Shake the Tapirmon

DNA Digivolutions:
Mjolnir IV + Scarf = Mjolnir V the ClearAgumon, Digivolved to Piddomon
Pie + Yanmamon = Scone the Crabmon, Digivolved to MoriShellmon

Now back to the plot.

: My Digimon are sneaking into the City's Main Server and they're stealing things!!

: What? That's funny.

: Professor! It's not funny! Because of the sickness, the Security Guard won't let me into Headquarters! I'm serious!

: Oh... Hey, I'm sorry! Let me see. I'll access your Digi-Beetle Browser. Let me examine your Digimon...

: Professor Piyotte! Please do something.

: I see... Hmm... This is incredible!!

: In another words [sic], it's evolving. This is causing their instincts to go wild. Hmm... Interesting. How could Digimon DNA, with sets of 1's and 0's, evolve?

: I know it's interesting to you, but can you do anything?

: Ha, ha, ha! Oh, I'm sorry! It's just so fascinating. Yes. To cure this, I need Digital DNA Patches from Digimon with super will power. I need Patches from those strong willed Digimon that can resist becoming Wild. I want digital DNA Patches from all three Types. Vaccine, Data and Virus Type Digimon

: OK! I'll find them!!

Where do a bunch of peaceful Digimon live? Meditation Dome!

: If it's to help our comrades, do whatever you need to do.

: Thanks Angemon. With this I can save all Digimon in the City.

Usually if you talk to Clockmon, he'll ask for a Digivice, but since I have one with me it skipped that conversation.

Clockmon: Wow! You brought me a Digivice! Alright. I'll give you the DATA Patch, as I promised. Go save the sick Digimon!

: I need your Digital DNA Patch to save Digimon in the City.

WereGarurumon: My DNA Patch? What do you want my DNA for? Oh well, you can have it. But you have to meditate with me for while [sic]. OK?

: Hmmm...Meditate with you? That's all I have to do?

WereGarurumon: Yes, that's all. Let's start.

We have to stand still for a while, going through text boxes as Thor gets bored.

Answering yes gets us the VACCINE Patch.

There aren't any Virus types in Meditation Dome right now, so Angemon tells us to look for this Ogremon.

Kim has him, and gives us the VIRUS Patch.

: I'll create a Wild Code right away. First, I'll access your Digi-Beetle Browser...I'll take the Digital DNA in those Patches. What beautiful DNA! this...with.... that... and... There! It's all done!!

The game seems to like to try to describe people working a lot.

: Thank you Professor! Now I can go back to the Guard Team!

: What happens is that a Digimon's DNA begins to mutate and change suddenly! But the Wild Code created by Professor Piyotte should solve the problem!

: Great! Well done, Thor! Now we can protect Digimon in the City! We are all grateful! But I wonder why their Digimon DNA suddenly began to change? This is strange...

: They've begun their move! Just as expected! Thor!

: Yes Sir!

: Their dark plot will probably become clear soon! You must find the Archive Ship as soon as possible. And uncover their plot!

: Yes Sir! You can count on me!

Now that the plot's moved some again, Digimon Center has changed their trade. It's okay, but Mjolnir V is going to evolve to MagnaAngemon anyway.

Device Dome has a new engine and battery for sale.

We'll be revisiting dungeons again.

Next time: More dungeon revisits! More battles!