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Part 14: Return to BIOS and Web Domains

We'll start off our second batch of repeat dungeons with the one with the lowest amount of floors again. BIOS Domain has eight.

There's still a few Rookie level battles, but most parties in this dungeon are made up of Champion Digimon.

One of these floors again.

This guy is one of those enemy groups that run away from you instead of towards you. I like that.

Another group of chickens.

This group doesn't run away from you. SandYanmamon can paralyze. Since we're fighting Champions almost all the time, the battles are getting longer and more draining. Of course the shops still only sell the first level HP and MP items!

Another team involving Centarumon is a room blocker on the boss floor, but I didn't run into it.

: We won't let you Guard Tamers stand in the way of our plan! Down with the Guard Tamers!! Don't think you'll ever leave here standing! Hail Crimson the Great!!

: I will stop you Blood Knights!!

Clockmon's Chrono Breaker attack will delay our attacks, so we take him out first. Tankmon and Drimogemon just have normal attacks. Usually boss teams involve Digimon we won't see in the wild for a while, but both Clockmon and Tankmon are in a party in the next Domain.

The Blood Knight disappears, leaving a Gyro Radar behind. Since that dungeon was so short, let's move on to the next one.

Web (2.0) Domain has nine floors, and features our favorite poop party on the first few floors. You can see how the dungeons are becoming harder by the enemy distribution.

The guys you can't run away from are back, too.

And here's a new team you also can't run away from.

Oh great, now they've turned into hall blockers.

A bunch of old faces in this new encounter!

I'll keep saying it - I love these floors.

That block makes no sense.

The last three rooms I walked through before the boss hallway had battles in them, of course.

: I must find the Archive Ship before those Tamers go to the legendary island!!

: What? The legendary island?

: Huh?! Who goes there?! You must be a weakling Tamer of the City! You heard our grand plan!! I guess I must...I must silence you. You shall disappear into the darkness of this Web Domain!!

It's our first Ultimate level boss! SkullGreymon does the most concentrated damage, while DarkTyrannomon hits the whole party with Fire Blast. This Devidramon carries Evil Touch, which lowers MP.

They take a lot of hits. Maybe because I'm using Champion levels in my party. But having a healer really helps. Also, Megadramon finally maxes out on levels.

No nifty items or text this time, just a clear path to the exit. The dungeons are getting pretty boring overall.

Next time: Drive Domain and more fetching.