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Part 15: Return to Drive Domain

Since my two main guys were close to evolution level, I grinded them there before tackling the dungeon, so I wouldn't have to leave partway through. I also caught a Candlemon for something later.

Drive Domain is also nine floors long, filled with Vaccine types. And look, I spawned next to the elevator again!

Blue level traps are getting more common, and we still can't get rid of them.

Seriously, a purple level mine? It's impossible to not take damage in this room, so you go for the one that causes the least (the blue acid).

Kabuterimon is something new, and has two attacks to use. His Electro Shocker is an Interrupt attack that lowers your attack power.[/url]

Frigimon's Subzero Ice Punch increases in power each time you use it. Mjolnir got this move at some point, and I love to abuse it.

Somehow I got two of the same layout floors in a row, with the elevator close by each time.

A second Frigimon team. Dolphmon's attack is another that can lower offensive power.

Leomon is demoted from boss to dungeon fodder, and hangs out with Garurumon and Veedramon now. Usually one of the first Digimon I DNA Digivolve to get is Veemon, who evolves into Veedramon, but that's because I start on the Vaccine-type team.

I mentioned before that the other new Digimon from season 2 aren't in this game, wondering if it had something to do with release dates. But the anime was already airing, and they're in Digital Card Battle, which came out before this game in Japan.

It's getting pretty hard to choose techs.

I took a shortcut through this floor, rolling over two mines. The RNG is still on my side and I took no damage.

: I'll get you for beating up my comrades. Destroying you will be a great pleasure! I'll destroy you and I'll become an executive officer of the Blood Knights!

: Ha! Keep on dreaming!! My Digi-Beetle and Digimon will put an end to you right here!!

The second Ultimate level boss, Garudamon's Wing Blade is an Interrupt attack that can hit pretty hard. It also knows Meteor Wing. Airdramon and the out of place Data-type Yanmamon can wait since they don't hit as hard. They do have high speed, and go before my party.

However, Scone just learned Tidal Wave, which makes attacks a joke. The battle just drags on due to all their HP. The Blood Knight disappears as usual, letting us leave.

This happens the next time you walk into Device Dome.

: You're just in time. I have a favor to ask you. I was repairing this thing...But there is something I can't figure out. I want you to get me a Digimon from a Domain.

: Sorry. I'm busy with my Guard Team.

It's true, it's not like we can go around catching Digimon for everyone.

: Oh! Come on! Please! I'll get you something nice!

: Alright, alright...So what do you need?

: I want you to get me a Tankmon from the Web Domain. I can perfect this thing if I could check out Tankmon's Power Converter.

: Alright. So you want me to get Tankmon. Right?

Screw catching one.

: Yeah...Let me access your Digi-Beetle Browser, then I'll transfer Tankmon's analysis data...Now it's all set!

: Thanks! Great job! I knew I could count on you! Now I'll use this data to fix this guy's energy system. Oh, yeah. Here, take this Item. It's my way of saying thanks, for a job well done.

We get an EXP Chip.

: Now I'll use the Tankmon's data to fix this guy's motor...blah blah blah

: OK!! Looks like it's working!

: Use Digi... Digimon... Conquer... Buzzz!!! World... Whirl!!! All... I... GAIA... Danger... GAIA...

I'm sure this won't bite us in the ass later!

Next time: Checking in with our leader and going on a rescue mission.